Siva Balaji Files Complaint Against His Kid’s School


Actor-Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 winner Siva Balaji and his wife Swapna Madhuri filed a complaint against Mount Litera Zee School, Manikonda, Hyderabad with the Human Rights Commission (HRC). The actor alleged that school management wantedly disconnected their children’s online classes without prior notice.

According to reports, the school believes that Siva Balaji and his wife Madhuri are torchbearers of a WhatsApp group set up by some parents where the negativity is being spread against the school.

He tried to consult the management in various ways. But, there was no response. So, he decided to lodge a complaint against the school with HRC.

He further said the school was blackmailing parents for school fees and the management’s response to their grievance was offensive.