This Actress Says She Doesn’t Need Protection Like Kangana


We are aware that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has recently got the Y+ category security after receiving social media threats from Shiv Sena party members ahead of her Mumbai visit. She has been involved in a war of words against Sanjay Raut on Twitter after she compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

A twitter user recently suggested actress Swara Bhasker take security as she continuously receives vulgar threats on social media. But the actress replied that she doesn’t need police protection.

“If any actress deserves Y security than it would be Swara Bhaskar, who receives the vilest and most vulgar threats on her timeline on a regular basis. Even verified BJP trolls don’t desist from making vulgar comments on her. But then ideology matters!” twitter user wrote.

Replying to the tweet, Swara wrote “Thank uuuuu Nazma but no.. I’d rather that taxpayers money be used for real issues.. like development.. or malnutrition.”