Now candies to bust stress!


bust-stressVenus Remedies Limited, a research based global pharmaceutical company headquartered at Chandigarh today announced the launch of its first over the counter product ‘EzeZnus’, a stress reliever that comes in the form of candies.

While introducing this product, Dr. (Mrs) Manu Chaudhary, Joint Managing Director, Venus Remedies Limited said, “Ezenus is a unique medical nutrition product which is absolutely safe, zero calorie, non–addictive, herbal candy, with clinically proven anti-stress activity. It is world’s first anti stress product launched in easy to use candy form even suitable for diabetic patients”.

She claimed that “it is highly safe in acute stress management such as exam stress in children and in chronic stress like in alcoholic and smoking population, without change in life style by continuous detoxification and strong antioxidant activity.” Giving further details, she said that Ezenus is a patent protected herbal, anti-stress formulation based on German Technology. It is a strong detoxifier candy free from side effects, with strong antioxidant, hepato-protective, and immune boosting activity which reduces stress without altering the physiological functions of the body.

Dr. Manu Chaudhary claimed that Ezenus reduced more than 60% stress within 30 days without change in life style and significantly improves the quality of life in terms of physical, social, emotional and functional well- being. This breakthrough innovative product is suitable for all ages with safety established upto 10 times of advised dose i.e. 2-3 tablets per day.

Commenting on this launch, Pawan Chaudhary, Chairman cum Managing Director, Venus Remedies Limited said, “With launch of ‘Ezenus’, a stress relieving candy, Venus is entering into the OTC segment for the first time. The company is hopeful that this novel research product will acquire 5% of the 100 million USD direct market of stress segment in India, other than lifestyle disorders, within 3 years of its launch.”

The Company has plans to make Ezenus available pan-India within this calendar year to contribute in the reduction of stress in society thereby helping people in bringing balance to life. He said that the Company will use its existing network of 50,000 pharmacists to distribute this product on pan-India basis.

He informed that Venus Remedies is among the 10 leading fixed-dosage injectable manufacturers in the world. The company has three manufacturing units, in Panchkula, Baddi near here, Werne (Germany) and 11 overseas marketing offices including a presence in the US and Germany.