Ugly friends do make you look more attractive


FriendsWhen some people go out to bars they bring a DUFF, what Urban Dictionary defines as a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”. The idea is they will look better in comparison.

Anyone who has put it to the test knows it’s a hit and miss strategy. But now there’s an answer on whether it works – which is a big “Yes”.

As a matter of fact, you should surround yourself with your mates no matter how funny looking they are, according to

When a man or a woman hit the town in a group they tend to appear more attractive, the study said.

Quirky facial features tend to “average out” when we are part of a crowd.

They call it the “cheerleader effect” and it’s based on a reference from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where Barney says a gaggle of cheerleaders look attractive together but are like “sled dogs” individually.