Why 8hours of sleep necessary?


It has been prescribed by all doctors and psychiatrists that a human being should have a peaceful and good sleep for 7 to 9 hours in a day. However, it has been observed that with urban lifestyle and growing fast-paced life people are killing sleeps to cope up. This is resulting further into stress creation, leading to depression, and even more dangerous and serious outcomes.

In order to bring down on such a lifestyle, doctors recommend taking 7-9 hours of sleep by breaking it into several times of the day. In case, you are unable to sleep peacefully for 7-9hrs at night, get it done during your daytime. For example, powers nap at work place or inbetween domestic work. Power nap is extremely rejuvenating for the body and mind.Sleep
How to power nap?

Here are few steps to go for power nap in your routine lifestyle:

• Find a good place: If you are at work place, use your desk to relax and put on a mask to avoid lit-up ambience. If you are on road, park your car in a less disturbing place; close all the doors and windows and lay back.

• Switch of your mobile phone: Switch off all the possible distractions which can disturb your nap.

• Put the alarm for 15mins – 30mins: Set an alarm clock for 15mins to 30mins for power nap, but not more than that. Ideally power nap should be for 15mins.

• Get up as soon as alarm goes: Don’t lean back and rest for more time. If required go for some exercises or walk to stimulate yourself, or else splash water on your face and expose your face into the sunlight or light.