Baldness to Boldness


baldnessGetting bald and easy hair loss is one of the significant problem areas for today’s youth. With the growing stressful life and tensions, losing hair is one of the main areas of concern for youngsters and their looks. Here are some of the natural remedies to prevent hair fall, before going to expensive hair salons:

Natural products: Rub on the scalp either of them; garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice and leave it overnight. Next day, wash your head properly.

Get a head massage: Head massage on daily basis will improve blood circulation. Good circulation in the scalp helps in keeping hair follicles active. You can use lavender or bay essential oil with almond or sesame oil base, or can go with dry massage as well.

Antioxidants: Apply warm green tea after brewing in one cup of water on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse. Green tea consist antioxidants which prevent hair loss.

Meditation to release stress: The main reason for hair loss is stress and tensions. Meditation can help in reducing stress level and bring hormonal balance.