KCR’s Hospital Visit: Rumour Mill Goes Into A Tizzy


Telangana CM KCR’s sudden visit to a hospital for a medical checkup was the biggest news on Thursday. The political class went into a tizzy over the visit. There were wild guesstimates doing the rounds in the capital over whether this was part of a plan to prepare for the succession in the TRS.

Rumour mills went abuzz saying that KCR would cite the health issue and relinquish his post to make way for KTR to take over. There has been a buzz for quite some time that KTR would be anointed the chief minister while KCR would go on to play a key role at the national level. However, given the ascendance of the BJP at the national level as also at the state-level, there are serious doubts as to whether KTR would have any role at the national level.

However, by evening everything fell into place and this turned out to be a false alarm. KCR did have some lung infection and that he is otherwise hale and healthy. Also, it became clear that he needed some rest and that was it. So, the rumours died a natural death and KCR was back to Pragathi Bhavan.