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Nara Lokesh Day 1 Speech

On the first day of Padayatra Yuva Galam, Nara Lokesh addressed large crowds in Kuppam. Lokesh’s attire and body language have marginally improved. By sporting a beard and clad-in white shirt, Lokesh looked like a quintessential politician. He is accompanied by several TDP leaders and especially, young leaders. This is a clear sign that youth leaders of TDP are with Lokesh and lending their complete support. The Padayatra witnessed large crowds indicating a big success.

Lokesh spoke on various key issues including the attack of his political opponents. Lokesh started his speech stating that as many as 10 ministers have attacked him verbally on his Padayatra. He said they questioned his right to do Padayatra and his capacity, position to do yatra. Lokesh said he had served as minister with portfolios.

By not looking at any script or reading any paper with written points, Lokesh gave a speech. This is a welcome one. He took a hard-hitting stand against CM Jagan and the ruling YSRCP. Lokesh criticised Jagan’s governance and administration. At the same time, Lokesh highlighted Chandrababu and his policies, governance. He assured the people that Chandrababu would bring back the good governance in the state and the state’s development would be back with the TDP only.

On the downside, Lokesh is still not the best at his Telugu pronunciation. He is struggling at picking up some words while giving public speeches. His voice also needs a style and base. He has to improve his overall speech to make it appeal to the masses. Since this is only the beginning, Lokesh needs to go a long way and is expected to improve his speeches in this 400-day long Padayatra covering 4000 kms.

Also, some of the TDP leaders and cadre were a bit disappointed with Lokesh acknowledging Pawan Kalyan and his Varahi yatra. So far, Pawan Kalyan has never mentioned Nara Lokesh in his public speeches. Whereas, Lokesh did mention Pawan. Hard-core TDP fans are not quite happy with this.