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Is That Samantha’s New Flat In Mumbai?

Star heroine Samantha is hitting the marquee big time again as she is back to social media, spicing up her posts and enticing her followers with the latest updates. While doing that, the actress is also teasing everyone with some secret revelations. And right now everyone is talking about her Mumbai home.

Other day Samantha shared a picture of the sunset from the place she’s staying. Going by the place around, it appears like she shot that from the balcony of a sky-scrapper in Mumbai and it looks like that is not a star hotel as well. And that brings us to the conclusion that Samantha might have shot it from the window of her living area in the Bollywood capital. That also reminds us of the rumour that Samantha has spent around ₹15+ crores to own a 3BHK with a sea view in the city.

Looks like the actress is seriously back to planning her Mumbai career again as she is there now to shoot for Citadel series and is considering a couple of big Bollywood films too. At the same time, it is also coming out that once she recovers fully, she will be more active on the social circuit with a series of posts and other activities.