Pandemic Dairies: Couples Should Also Follow Social Distancing


With the contagious Covid-19 showing no sign of slowing down, the United Kingdom government imposed new and tough instructions on the social gathering. The new restriction applies to indoors too.

The government said strict social distancing rules should be followed in London, tier two, and tier three areas in the nations. Social distance applies indoors as well as outdoors.

According to the information, the tier two cities in the nation fall under the high-risk category, while the tier three cities come under the extremely high-risk category making the people in the area vulnerable to the virus.

This leaves an impact on the sex life of the couples living in different areas as they have to obey the new norms of social distancing. However, people living with their partners remain unaffected.

The government officials said the purpose of imposing such rules is aimed at breaking the chain of transmission and hence there will be exemptions in social distancing rules in the specific areas.

However, couples who belong to different areas are not happy with the government to bring such rules. While some people see this as a violating of their privacy.