Rahul Gandhi launches a sharp attack on Modi government on Agri bills


Congress MP, former chief Rahul Gandhi has launched yet another sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi led union government over the controversial Agriculture bills. Referring to the tweets made by the International tweets supporting the farmers’ agitation, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the Centre and said the country’s reputation has been shattered.

The Congress MP has called for a press conference in the national capital Delhi. The main agenda behind the press conference is to demand the government to address the farmer issues.

Rahul Gandhi questioned the government on why the Centre is dealing with the agitation issue. Why the government is not making efforts to resolve the issues? Why the farmers are being treated in this way? Rahul Gandhi questioned.

He even took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has earlier offered to postpone the agriculture bills for 2 years. He questioned, why the PM is taking such decisions.

Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of the government came in the light of Global personalities like American pop Singer Rihanna and climate change activist Greta Thunberg supporting the farmers’ agitation.