These 15 countries have no Covid cases at all


While the whole world is in the vice-like grip of Corona, fifteen countries are lucky enough to have escaped the Corona dragnet. So far there are no cases reported in these countries. And what are those countries? Here’s the list of the countries that haven’t reported a single case of Covid so far.

Tuvalu, a small island in the Pacific ocean has not a single case of Covid 19. It has not reported even a single case. Turkmenistan too officially has not reported even a single Covid 19 case. Strict quarantine measures and ban n religious congregation has helped it in containing Covid. Tonga, a group of 170 Polynesian islands, too has no cases. It has closed down the airports and naval ports in the country to prevent outsiders from coming into the country. Tokelau, another Pacific island nation has no airports. People can reach this country only by boats. The government has closed down the port. The total population is 1500.

Isands like St Helina, Pitcairns Islands, Palau near Philippine, Nieu near New Zealand, Nauru, Kiribati, Micronesia, Cook islands and American Samoa also have not reported a single case. Interestingly, South Korea too has no Covid cases. South Korea and Turkmenistan are the only non-island countries in this list.