Yes I killed My Driver: MLC Anantha Babu


YCP MLC Anantha Babu has pleaded guilty to murder of his personal driver Subramanyam. On Sunday night Ananta Babu was detained by the police and he was brought to AR Headquarters in Kakinada. Eluru range DIG and local SP interrogated Anantha Babu on the murder of Subramanyam.

Initially Anantha Babu pleaded no guilty in the murder of his driver but he finally accepted committing the crime. In the probe, Anantha Babu claimed that driver Subramanyam has knowledge of the former’s secrets, businesses and activities. Feared that Subramanyam would expose Babu’s secrets, the MLC plot the murder.

Anantha Babu also revealed that he picked up driver Subramanyam on May 20th from the latter’s home and there was no involvement of any third person. But the police are sceptical about Anantha Babu’s statements and so they are thoroughly questioning the MLC.

Reports are that MLC’s close aides Vijay and Babji, also have a hand in this crime but Anantha said that he was alone in the car when he picked up driver Subramanyam. The police who detained the a couple of aides of Anantha Babu, informed that the MLC was fuming over driver Subramanyam and they sensed that something would happen but never imagined that the MLC would murder driver.

In the probe, Anantha Babu confessed to manhandling Subramanyam mercilessly and the driver fell unconscious after some time. Anantha Babu then reached out to a private hospital but the doctors declared him dead. Fearing trouble, the MLC tried to picture the driver’s death as an accident but could not.

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