Adhinayakudu Movie Premiere Show updates


Movie Cast: Balakrishna,Lakshmi Ray, Saloni
Banner: Sri Keerthi combines
Director: Paruchuri Murali
Music: Kalyani Malik
Producer: M L Kumar Chowdary
Release Date:01-Jun-2012
CBFC Rating :A


  • Finally . . . , Movie is Excellent . . !
  • Running towards climax…
  • Adigo adigadigo song …
  • Old NBK entrance in foreign
  • Flash back started.
  • Family drama going on excellent twist!!!!
  • Laksmi rai entered for the mass song andam aakumadi., mass song – Balayya Dance at peaks in this song !!! mass mass mass…!!!
  • Family drama with nice sentiment., .ooorantha dandalette song started now..
  • 2nd NBK at police station
  • Second half of the film starts with Bala Krishna as a old man in Rayalaseema region
  • First half of Adhinayakudu seems to be filled with Comedy with Brahmi & Ali,3 Songs and 2 fight sequences.This half is average with few scenes interesting..
  • ******INTERVEL******
  • Interval fight with Pradeep Rawat good fight sequence till now
  • Guruda song on its way.Nice pciturisation
  • Hilarious comedy scenes between Bala Krishna and Brahmi seems theatres is filled with laughs
  • Song Masti Jawani on Bala Krishna and Lakshmi Rai.Lakshmi Rai look sensious in this song.
  • Brahmanandam enterance was good with a Huge Fun
  • Train Scenes with Lakshmi rai are good…Dialogue by Balakrishna was good
  • Sexy actress Lakshmi rai ..entered …
  • fight sequence with MLA Son
  • Story Going ..Saloni entered
  • Young Get up of Balayya a golf Court (Huge Vishels by fans)
  • Pradeep rawant ..Kota entered…
  • Movie Started with a twist…



  •     It’s Totally One Man Show – Bala Krishana plays key role, he took care of carrying the movie on his shoulders.
  •     First half of Adhinayakudu seems to be filled with Comedy with Brahmi & Ali,3 Songs and 2 fight sequences.This half is average with few scenes interesting..
  •     The main lead role of the Movie Adhinayakudu (Old Man Getup)enters in second half .The action scences, dialougs of the movie awesome. The old character of the movie nearly 20 min flash back episode.
  •     Bala Krishna father role excellent at peacks. The son character is full of mass. The songs with Lakshmi rai, Saloni are good.
  •     First character (Young ) Bala Krishna was limited to action sequneces,songs and comedy scenes.Second character (Naxalite) which was earlier seen in Sree Ramulayya and third one Father role is carried well.
  •     Second Half Of The Movie ,Especially Climax 30 Mins Is Crucial For The Movie . The Second Half Leads The Movie From Average Talk to HIT Talk .
  •     Songs will surely make the fans to to remember the Narasimha Naidu as they were picturised in the old style which are well suited for Balakrishna. Every song is picturized well.

Possitives of the movie:

  •     Balakrishna 2nd Character Dialogs
  •     Old GetUp Characterization
  •     BaackGroundMusic’s
  •     Editing
  •     Action Sequences Picturization .

Minus Points :

  •     Herions – Especially Saloni looks as child & Not suited with BalaKrishna
  •     Adhinayakudu is not a fresh story. The story looks like to be seen some where before. The complete result of the movie based upon the way how the fans receive the movie.

Finally It’s Festival Time For Nandamuri Fans . Though the movie get’s blockuster hit talk , But It Can’t Beat  The Previous Hits Dhammu , Racha , GabbarSingh Due To Less Number Of Theaters !

( As usual Anti’s Says That Movie Was Utter Flop Or Average , just Keep Them A Side & Njoy The Success . . !  )

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