Ali Baba Okkade Donga Movie Review


ali-baba-okkade-donga-movie-reviewMovie : ‘Ali Baba Okkade Donga’

Banner:  Kamal Cine Creations
Release date:  21st  Feb 2014
Censor rating:  “U”
Movie duration: 147 mins
Cast:  Dr.Ali, Suja Varunee, Raghu Babu, Thanikella Bharani, Shafi, Dhvvasi Mohan, Ramjagan, Kondavalasa, Ram Raju, Prudhvi, Delhi Rajeswari, Prithviraj
Directed by:  Phani Prakash
Music:  Sai Srikanth
Producer:  Bodheda Sivaji

Story :

This is the story of struggling Lakshman Kumar a.k.a Lucky (Ali) an aspirant S.I in Police Dept. His bad luck always follows him. He lives in a rented house who doesn’t pay the rent and take hand loans from house owners. Chetana (Suja), daughter of a bank employee who is also a family friend of Lucky’s house owner. with Chetana entry into his life his bad luck fades and with her help he gets a job in a automobile showroom as sales Executive. He joins there to fill the financial gap.

With a bad experience at his job his bad luck comes back. He won’t get selected as S.I in recruitment process. He becomes the reason to mess up his sister’s engagement. finally he attempts to end his life. At this point he finds a bag which contains huge amount of money.

Money bag belongs to whom? What will happen to his financial condition after he finds that bag? Does this bag get bag full of good luck or bad luck and what are the twists and turns in the story should be watched on big screen.
Plus Points :

  • Ali does a decent job with his acting skills and experience. Nevertheless, in this movie Ali played the protagonist and reminds us of his acting in the movie ‘Yamaleela’ as the hero. He justified the role of the protagonist while maintaining his original style as a comedian.
  • Suja justified her role in the movie.
  • The comedy tracks on Kondavalasa and Ali are good.

Minus Points :

  • The storyline if we compare is a bit same as that of Nani’s ‘Paisa’.
  • The story is quite predictable and routine.
  • The music is not upto the mark.
  • Pawan Kalyan pics were continuously been screened here and there without any situation or reason.
  • The Choreography is poor and clumsy.
  • The Direction and Cinematography are just below average.
  • Allari Naresh’s voice over does not add any thing to the movie.

Verdict :

People who can laugh in the movie without any actual comedy can give it a trail !!!