‘Na Rakumarudu’ Movie Review


naa-rakumaruduMovie : ‘Na Rakumarudu’

Banner:  Harivillu Creations
Release date:  21st  Feb 2014
Censor rating:  “U”
Movie duration: 127 mins
Cast:  Naveen Chandra, Ritu Varma, Sithara
Directed by:   T.Satya
Music:  Achu
Producer:  P.Vajrang

Story :
Vaishav (Naveen Chandra) is a rich brat who damn cares about women. Bindu (Ritu Varma) is a bubbly and naughty girl who always hate studies. Bindu’s mother (Sitara) always poke Bindu to study. One day Bindu’s college principal scolds her and in order to take revenge, Bindu keep a fire cracker bomb under his chair but at the time of blast Vaishav sat on that chair. Vaishav gets angry and black mails her and make her to work as a maid at his home for two months. In these two months both will become friends but Bindu falls in love with him. One day Vaishav gives Bindu a treat and tell her that he is flying to US. While leaving they both understand that their friendship has now turned into love.

Later Vaishav postpones his trip and returns back. Bindu gets in touch with Vaishnav and falls in love with him, but Vaishnav says he is not loving her anymore and goes off to USA again. With this she decides to commit suicide? Vaishnav didn’t he love her really? or having married due to some pressure did not marry? are the questions that is answered in the movie. What will happen next find it on sliver screen.

Plus Points :

* This film is a makeover film for Naveen Chandra. After doing some dark and intense roles, he has attempted a regular and youthful entertainer. He is impressive in the role of Vaishnav, he is quiet stylish and modern and has emoted really well. Even his dances are good and he has a bright prospect as a hero if he plays his cards right.
* Ritu Varma suits the character really well. She had a difficult role, but carried it off with ease.
* Sitara’s role as the heroine’s mom is also good.
* Some scenes in the first half are quite interesting.
* Satya does a decent job with his direction and extracts wonderful performances from the lead pair.
* Camerawork of this film is highly impressive. Each and every frame looks rich and classy.
* Production values are quite rich and have been lavishly shot.

Minus Points :

* The story drags out in the second half and becomes quiet predictable at the end.
* Lack of comedy.
* Songs could have been better as Achu could give more than this for this kind of a movie.
* Editing is horrible, especially the second half has been edited badly.
* The climax and pre climax are disappointing.
* The friends of the lead cast are just present to drag out the story till the end.
* Except the lead pair and heroine’s mother, rest of the cast fail to impress.
* Director’s message- “Education is very Important for every Women” could not be reached totally.

Verdict :

‘Na Rakumarudu’ is the movie that released with a small message for audience, other than acting performance of artists, cinematography & the story of the movie is not at all impressive and quite boring. Neither the message showcased, nor the film has been executed well. You can safely ignore this film this weekend, and wait for it to come on TV.