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Chennai-Express-Live-UpdatesChennai Express Live Updates

Chennai Express Movie Full Review, Ratings First on Net

Updated at 08:44 PM

Climax! A happy ending folks.. Review will follow soon… Lungi Dance song is being played during the rolling titles

Updated at 08:34 PM

Massive climax fight breaks out… Serious fight,charged with emotion

Updated at 08:27 PM

The movie is inching towards a climax… Stage is set for a final showdown between SRK and Sathyaraj..

Updated at 08:16 PM

Time for the third song of the film… ‘Kashmir to Kanyakumari’…

Updated at 08:14 PM

Love blossoms between SRK and Deepika.. Once again, a game of cat and mouse begins between the goons and SRK..

Updated at 08:01 PM

Time for the second song of the film, ‘Titli Dil’… Deepika is falling for SRK…

Updated at 07:54 PM

Comedy is back in full flow.. Entertainment quotient is pretty high in the film..

Updated at 07:51 PM

The film has taken a slightly emotional turn now..

Updated at 07:27 PM

Intermission – The first half has good pace and there is decent comedy.. Have to see how the second half will be..

Updated at 07:23 PM

Massive South Indian style car chase and fight sequence is on now…

Updated at 07:05 PM

The first song of the film is on now.. Tamil actress Priyamani’s item song.. Shot quite colourfully

Updated at 07:04 PM

Comedy sequences in Chennai village between SRK and the local goons…

Updated at 06:48 PM

Tamil actor Sathyaraj has just come into the film as Deepika Padukone’s father…

Updated at 06:40 PM

Comedy scenes in the train between SRK and some Chennai goons…Deepika is under the protection of the goons

Updated at 06:29 PM

Deepika Padukone has just come into the film..She is looking beautiful in a saree… The famous DDLJ train sequence has been used for her introduction

Updated at 06:26 PM

SRK has boarded the Chennai Express, along with his grandfather’s ashes.. The story is now set…

Updated at 06:17 PM

Shah Rukh Khan has just been introduced, to loud cheers and whistles… The movie has instantly shifted to flashback mode

Updated at 06:15 PM

The movie has started with a special thanks to Rajinikanth

Updated at 06:10 PM

Hello Folks. We will be bringing you live updates from Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s ‘Chennai Express’ in a few minutes

Chennai Express Full Movie Review, Ratings First on Net