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Cast: Vijay, Amala Paul,
Director: A.L.Vijay
Producer: Chandra Prakash Jain
Music: G.V Prakash
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing: Anthony
Story/Writer: A.L.Vijay
Movie Release Date : August 9th 2013

Director Vijay knows what works for the audience – he has done emotional dramas to romance to action with equal ease and actor Vijay knows what his fans want. The combination is sure to hit the right chord. Call the Nayagan charm or as you might like, Tamil films have a secret love affair for Bombay. Thalaivaa is partly set in Mumbai. The film is set partly in Mumbai and the rest of the film is shot in international locations including Australia. The backdrops promise something unique.
We know Vijay has a penchant for punch dialogues but Director Vijay has done away with the need for that in the film. In effect, Vijay and his crisp eyes will do the talking. The film boasts of very high production values – for instance, slums of Dharavi were recreated for the movie’s shooting. Vijay plays the role of an expert dancer, a first in his career. The quintessential comedian of all movies, Santhanam is present in Thalaivaa as well. But in this film, majority of his tracks is based in Australia. And hence expect a different firebrand comedy from him

The trailer shows Vijay in Australia tap dancing and romancing Amala Paul, going about joking with Santhanam, in a flash at Mumbai with Sathyaraj. Ever since the movie was announced there were wide spread speculations if the movie is on the same page of Nayagan, Devar Magan, however the director has silenced the critics by claiming that one has to watch the movie before jumping into conclusions and the entire team has been very careful in not making any resemblances to those movies.

This also marks Sathyaraj’s second outing with Vijay and after a comic yet sentimental outing in Nanban, this movie looks like a very much stern and serious role from the actor. Amala Paul plays the love interest of Vijay and Santhanam to take care of the comedy segment. Vijay’s dance and style are the two piping parameters to look out for, as the elevation this movie will take him is a watch out factor.

విజయ్ అన్న : రివ్యూ | Thalaivaa Live Updates |Thalaivaa Review

02:15pm: A surprise attack by bheema kills most reliable people around Vishwa… aska Vishwa to come and get his relative… time to wrap up the things.

2:09pm: Super hit track from Anna single king is nicely shot on vijay and santhanam.

01:49pm: But things turn around when bheema includes Vishwa in religionalism issue.

01:41pm: Vishwa ki father ledu, manodiki thoduga god father la undam anukuntunna – Santhanam continues to tickle the funny bones.

01:34pm: Bheema bhai plans to work on religionalism issues of Maharastrians.. but the things get uncontrollable before Vishwa reaches there.

01:24pm: Champadaniki maaku kaaranam mathrame undi, neeku haku undi – Vijay.

01:22pm: Its time to grand welcome of Ramurthy’s son Vishwa.. with Dalapathy Dalapathy theme song.

01:18pm: Nayakathvam anedi manam korukunte vachedi kadhu janam korukunte vachedi.. Lawyer to Vishwa on his release.

01:17pm: Meera changing local station tactics to escape Vijay from the jail, nice strategy.

01:11pm: Daravi people backing up Vishwa is the best scene till now post interval.

01:07pm: Bhadra gang attack on Vishwa to finish Ramurthy family leadership in Daravi.

01:04pm: Mana valla padi mandi bagupadali nashanam ayipovadu.

01:01pm: Post interval Bhadra takes over his Ramurthy’s business in Mumbai.


12:44pm: Till interval movie starts off with a routine narration but things build up fine just before interval.

12:36pm: Okasari kathi pattaka okati chavali leka champali – Ramurthy.

12:30pm: Vijay due to some reasons returns to Mumbai, sees ahuge planning and security behind his father. The build up is the best part of the movie till now.

12:25pm: Vishwa(Vijay) final theme dance makes Telugu Boys win the Title.

12:21pm: Due to a minor accident Meera undergoes hairline fracture, but she is included final list of the dance competition which is in few days.

12:12pm: Avathali vadi ayyudaniki, Ayuda pooja cheyadam thappu bro.. – Santhanam to Vijay in reference to his love. 

12:11pm: Ye maay jaruguthundi song is nicely picturized Ilayathalapathy and Amala Paul. Free style and Thap steps by Vijay good.

12:08pm: Meera’s fake husband video is more or less like a find to Sampoornesh Babu in Tamil.

11:55am: Resturant opening scene is funny santhanam starts his punch liners.

11:52am: Meera(Amala Paul) daughter of resturant owner in Australia meets Vishwa in miscontrue way.

11:39am: Vishwa(Vijay) head of dance group telugu boys.. promising introduction song on Vishwa “Superboys acha telugu abbayi” telugu makers should have worked on vocals and mixing of this song.

11:35am: Manam oka danilo adugupedithe gelichetherali – Ramurthy to Vishwa.

11:32am: Ramurthy(Satyaraj) runs parallel government in Mumbai to serve the justice to poor in Daravi, Mumbai.

11:29am: Titles with revolutionary thinkers pics is nice attempt by director Vijay.

11:27am: So, Ramurthy leaves his one and only Visha(Vijay) with Nasser to save him from Badra gang.

11:25am: Ramurthy[Satyaraj] a labour at Mumbai harbour. Turns Veda bhai to support telugu people in harbour from Bhadra(Local Goon) bhai.

11:19am: Thanks to Priyadarshan, Maniratnam and RGV – L Vijay.

11:17am: Anna ‘U’ certified 179 minutes movie.


విజయ్ అన్న : రివ్యూ | Thalaivaa Live Updates |Thalaivaa Review