Dhammu Movie Review By Censor


Dhammu Censor Report
CBFC Rating: ‘A’
Movie Rating: 3/5

On the screen:

  •     The movie starts from some flash back note which happened  long back.
  •     The story turns towards the present situation and enters the city. The first 40 minutes of the movie goes in an entertaining way with out and out comedy.
  •     The movie heads to the interval bang with a mighty twist which is said to be the turning point of this movie. The interval bang is the highlight of the movie where Tarak completely exploded his acting skills with his roaring performance.
  •     The story starts gripping from the second half filled with the family emotions. Scenes between Tarak, Abhinaya and Venu got well.
  •     Pre-Climax is quite interesting and heads to the climax with the wild rage of revenge drama.
  •     Aggressive expressions of Tarak are fabulous. His expressions are just like never before and never after.
  •     Climax is extraordinary and finally movie is going to end with the great applause.
Off the screen:
  •     The movie unit faced some problems from Censor Board members during some scenes.
  •     The movie faced 3 audio cuttings totally which the unit was advised to replace the dialogues.
  •     The Censor Board members requested to play the ‘Ruler’ Song for twice as they had fallen in love with the visuals of that song.
  •     Appreciations received to Tarak from members for his action. It was said that he looked more glamorous in ‘Vaasthu Baagundhe’ Song.
  •     Some scenes in the movie had stolen the heart of members which were played twice. 
Highlights of the Movie:
  • No, doubt the first credit should be awarded to the Young Tiger itself for his ‘Viswaroopam’. This movie is going to be the another one man show movie of this year.
  • Director Boyapati Seenu just rocked away all the aspects in this movie. There is a great improvement of comedy in this movie compared to his previous movies.
  • ‘Ruler’ song is the back bone of this movie. The visuals of the song are going to be anther creative wonder in the tollywood.
  • M.M.Keeravani’s Background music is the asset of the movie. His high voltage music during the pre-climax will not make the audience to sit in their seats.
  • All the technicians proved themselves up to their mark.
  • Interval Twist

Negatives of the Movie:

As NTR has mighty following in the mass audience, this movie is completely for them. Though this movie had mixed with some family emotions over-violence may affect the family audience.
Trisha just looked like aunty again. Her pair with Tarak was not too good. Indeed Tarak dominated her with this glamour itself in this movie.

Interval Dialogue:

NTR to Nazar:  “Charithra ni emana nee amma kanindhaa raa.. Charithra srushtinche vaadu epudu cheppi raadu.. Vasthadu….Charithra Srushtishatu.. Vellipothadu”..

Final Word:

    Young tiger is back with his mass masala action for his die hard fans. This movie will surely satisfy the hunger of Nandamuri fans who were waiting for mass movie after Simha.