Emo Gurram Egaravachu Review


Emo Gurram Egaravachu Movie ReviewTitle : Emo Gurram Egaravachu (2014)

Star Cast : Sumanth , Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech…
Director : Chandra Siddhartha
Producer : Madan
Music Director:M. M. Keeravani
Released on : Jan 24, 2014.

Emo Gurram Egaravachu Preview :

It seems our producers have strongly decided that there is no need for a wonderful story to make a movie. That’s why they are not thinking in that direction. There must be at least a strong line. It is enough, if a bit of fun, good songs and some feel is provided around it. This is the present principle. Ignoring even this line, as construction of castles in air – taking scenes without any sequence, harum-scarum comedy with uncheer, a group of 50 actors on the screen with their over-action, a beautiful name for all this – Emo Gurram Egaravachu.

To produce a movie, a good story is to be selected first. Atleast, the line should be good. But, if we watch this movie, then everyone gets a doubt that ‘ with what thoughts they had made this movie?’ It’s very surprising to see, how the Director and Story-writer convinced the Producer. We can just tie victory-cords to them. Whether they made the movie thinking that, inspite of absence of a story, they can make the movie a Hit, or to show losses to the Income Department, we can’t do anything.

Anyway, leave about that. Let us enter into the story.

Thats a small hamlet. Bullebbai (Sumanth) is very famous there. He is very famous because, he failed tenth class 14 times. But he has a strong will to go to United States. The reason being, to batter a person heavily. His cousin Nilaveni (Pinky Savika) arrives from US. Her parents will search matches for her. But she rejects all of them. At last, she says that she will marry Bullebbai. Her family members also accept her proposal. But Bullebbai has a doubt that “why she is interested to marry him, who have not even passed tenth class, when there are so many to marry her”. She says that “I loved a boy in US. After marriage I will take you there……I will give divorce to you and I will marry that boy there”. What is Bullebbai’s answer for this? Have both of them got married? Did Bullebbai go to US? All about this is the story of the Horse.

This is the point copied from the movie “Namastey London”. To create an atmosphere of a Telugu movie, film director and screen-play writer have worked very hard. Just for this line, is there any need to copy other movies? Our “Jai Chiranjeeva” is almost the same subject. If we start picking up the mistakes, then we can find many in this movie.

There are no strong reasons for Nelaveni to marry Bullebbai and Bullebbai dreams of going to America. For just battering a person, how Bullebbai goes to US ? Why Bullebbai surrenders to her even though, he is aware of becoming a scapegoat…… Non – sense. Why Director has missed even such a little point? The climax scenes are more worst. There is no strong point for the change in the attitude of the Heroine. It looked like, they have ended the movie in a positive sense, as they have started the movie, otherwise may become a serial.

The characterization is not at all suitable for Sumanth. His whole body language, dialogue delivery and the accent should be in a different way. But some scenes are really annoyed. He really struggled hard to act by imitating Ravi Teja and Sunil. He even made the audience to struggle. A lady getup in between and his dance in the song is still irksome. Pinky is another wrong choice. She is neither suitable for Telugu atmosphere nor for US environment. Expressions are so weak. Almost all other actors are new to the industry. It seems that Director had made all his ‘kith and kin’ as actors in the movie. Its really time waste speaking about those. Drunkard Ramesh….. did not drink in this movie… thats a great relief.

Even though Keeravani struggled hard to bring emotions that are not present with his R.R., but he failed. For such a weak story, even Rahman and Ilayaraja can’t do anything. But photography is good. They presented very neatly. But shooting in Bangkok and illustrating as America seems to be funny. The conversation written by Kaanchi was not able to bring out comedy in any way. In addition, he had already a character. It became more and more filthy. We cannot watch his over-action

Sumanth is waiting for a Hit, since a long time. “Its better to sit idle at home, instead of doing a flop movie”, said Sumanth in an interview once. He would have not been done even this movie. Bad Luck……

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