George Reddy Movie Review


Starring : Sandeep Madhav, Muskaan Khubchandani
Director : Jeevan Reddy

Producers : Appi Reddy,Damu Reddy

Music Director : Suresh Bobbili

George Reddy is a film that many were waiting for eagerly as it is based on the life of George Reddy, the slain Osmania University Student Leader. Directed by Jeevan Reddy, the film was released today. Let’s see how it is.


George Reddy(Sandy) joins the Osmania University for his higher studies. There he comes across many problems that the students are facing. He keeps quiet for a while but revolts after a particular incident. Seeing his courage, many in the college support him and very soon, George becomes a hero in the college. He starts fighting for the rights of the students and in this situation, develops a lot of enemies. How did George Reddy deal with all these serious problems? What happens to him in the end? To know the answers, you need to watch the film on a big screen.

Plus Points:

The entire university set up has been established well as the bygone era has been recreated superbly. Sandy leads from the front and is superb in the role of George Reddy. His body language, screen presence, and dialogue delivery were perfect. Sandy was superb in all the fights.

Heroine Muskan looks cute and was impressive in her little role. Pelli Choopulu fame Abhay got a key role as Rajanna and he did superbly well as an aggressive student. Chaitanya Krishna was neat as the student leader and so was Manoj Nandan.

Satya Dev is a good actor and he shined in his tiny yet crucial role. The fights and BGM need a special mention as they have been composed extremely. The various fights are the highlight and have been conceived well, especially the blade fight. The first half of the film was impressive as it had all the decent student politics.

Minus Points:

Post an interesting first half, the film’s tempo drops down completely. The film only becomes one-sided and that is of a revolutionary mode. There is no strong conflict point as a strong villain’s thread would have made matters even better.

The proceedings are quite predictable as a fight is followed by a revolutionary scene. Some scenes give you instant high but form there on the film falls flat. The climax is also not handled well as many characters and situations have not at all been justified well. The director failed to give clarity in the film as to who is doing what and why.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the film is sound as credit should go to the art direction and production design department as they recreated the bygone era in a very good manner. As told earlier, BGM is amazing and life the film to another level. Dialogues are decent and so is the camerawork which showcases Osmania university in a splendid way. Editing is just about okay.

Coming to the director Jeevan Reddy, the subject he has chosen is decent and does justice to the role of George Reddy. But in order to make the film more commercialized and mainstream, his grip on the drama misses out in many areas. He got all the aesthetics on spot but could not handle the second half and climax well.


On the whole, George Reddy is a realistic student drama that has some good thrills. The setup, performances, and BGM are huge assets of the film. On the flip side, a dull second half with simple proceedings, lack of good drama, and abrupt climax take down the film to an extent. The youth will like the film as it has some good mass fights but for other general audiences, this film is just a strictly okay watch with passable proceedings.

‘George Reddy’ Live updates:

  • George Reddy gets killed. Movie ends on a very emotional note. Keep watching this space for the complete movie review.

  • George Reddy has nicely been trapped. He is being attacked brutally. Terrific thrills.being showcased.

  • A perfect trap has been planned to kill George Reddy. Movie heading towards the climax now.

  • Time for the rival gangs to plan against George Reddy. The cops have also gotten involved now.

  • George Reddy has become groundball over the city. His fight has now reached tingles the farmers. Emotional content is good

  • George Reddy is being attacked. Time.for a fight now. Superb thrills and BGM is on another level.

  • Time for a celebratory song now. Visuals are good.

  • The election fever has caught on well and George Reddy has won the election.

  • Some crazy student fights are being showcased now. Things are serious now.

  • Post interval, it is time for elections in the university. Three groups are fighting the election. Scenes related to their campaign are being showcased now.

  • First half Update: The premise of the film is good. Sandy as George Reddy is amazing and fights are good. But the conflict point is not convincing. The student politics have not been showcased well. Nothing much great happening till now. The second half will be a key.

  • Time for the interval bang. George Reddy is making a big speech in the university. With a revolutionary speech the film has abruptly conventional point. Break now.

  • George Reddy has got an admission in Mumbai. Before he leaves, he want to host a meeting for students. His enemies have made special plans for him. Movie heading towards the interval.

  • Actor Satyadev is also involved in all the politics of the college. Krishna Chaitanya has also come in. George Reddy has become a hero in the college.

  • George Reddy and his growth as a student leader in the university is being showcased now. The yet to enter the main story.

  • George Reddy is slowly but steadily going against the seniors for good reasons. The BGM is pretty good.

  • Trine for the heroine to be introduced. She is head over heels on George Reddy. Straight away a song now

  • Hero Sandy has been introduced as George Reddy. He has just entered Osmania University.

  • The film has started in New York. A girl wants to know about George Reddy. She has landed in India.

  • Hai the film has just started and it is 153 minutes long…

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