Jigarthanda Movie Review


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Staring : Siddarth, Lakshmi Menon, Bobby Simha, Karuna, Guru Somasundaram, Pratap Pothen, Soundara Raja, Vinothini
Director : Karthik Subburaj
Music : Santhosh Naarayanan
Production : Kathiresan

Right across the country, there are tons of people waiting for a movie, which is about to release in few hours. Ever since its place in the Forbes India list, this film has been popping up at regular intervals, taking the expectations to an all time high. Jigarthanda releases tomorrow after crossing a plethora of hurdles, and here is what I feel about this film.

Jigarthanda tells you the story of Karthi Subramaniam (Siddharth) an aspiring young director who sets out to make a rustic gangster film. He locks Madurai as his backdrop, and lands there to cultivate ideas to pen the script. On reaching there he and his friend Oorni (Karuna Karan) perform a case study on the ferocious local don Sethu (Simhaa). What happens thereafter is an experience, something I’d recommend watching on the big screen.

The Tamil industry is lucky enough to have a large number of classy performers, talented actors and handsome lads. We call them heroes. Each one of them slot themselves into different scripts, with an intent to help it succeed both critically and/or commercially. Jigarthanda is one of those very few movies which has the script as its hero. The film rather than banking on an individual, gives importance to various characters at various parts. Siddharth, Simhaa and Karuna Karan being the pillars, Jigarthanda traverses on a path less travelled, a story which is an attempt to present an out-of-the-box picture. The intense first half works mainly on a gruesome Simhaa, underplaying Siddharth and the king pick Karuna Karan who is an asset, bringing in the apt amounts of laughter at the right places. Coming into the second half, the movies gets into a different sleeve, as the characters in the film reveal their other sides receiving completely contrast reactions from the audience. This is where Jigarthanda turns into an experimental film and throws the option to the viewer to make or break his verdict on the film.

Siddharth is a lucky chap to have signed this film, and once again the actor does what is expected of him. He manages to exhibit an innocent look, or a thrashing attitude, as the script demands him to. On the other side, it is Simhaa who comes to the scene with a bang, overshadowing all the other artists in the cast. His mean looks with the rough mane, or his evil laughs are a treat to watch as we pave way to another piece of pure talent. Karuna Karan is the perfect comedian, along with Lakshmi Menon who satisfies in a fairly smaller role. The rest of the cast are good too, be it Piraisudan, Soundara Raja or the other sidekicks. Kudos to Karthik Subburaj for fitting in interesting cameos without flushing them at unnecessary places.

Cinematography by Gavemic U.Ary is brilliant, to say the least. His camera angles are ravishing right from the first frame, and the color tones are seriously something to watch out for. The 2 hour and 50 minute runtime doesn’t wander around for long, barring a few scenes in the second half. However, the length might end up being a worry for those who don’t develop a liking for the proceedings.  Music by Santosh Narayan gels well with the film, as most of them are used for the montage sequences and the background score.

More than anything else, it is Karthik Subburaj’s screenplay and direction which keeps this Jigarthanda taste good till the end. You are belted with a thrills, comedy, drama and twists in what just might be the right proportions. Jigarthanda is one of those films made with a divergent notion. It is a story of passion and grit, coupled with betrayal and relationships. After long, a movie about making a movie will become a hit movie.