Kiss Movie Review, Rating



Star cast: Adivi Sesh, Priya Banerjee
Producer: Saikiran Adivi, Director: Adivi Sesh

Some stories will be fine while listening. But they may fail to grasp audience interest on screen. To make audience glued to screens, director has to include certain cinematic elements in the story. Only then a movie will impress audience. Kiss fails exactly at this point. Let’s find out what this Kiss offers to audience.

Sunny (Adavi Shesh) is a mass guy located in Ameerpet. He makes a living as petty thief. With the aim of earning dollars he goes to US on a fake visa. He meets Priya (Priya Benerjee) there. Priya escapes from her home, as she does not like match fixed for her. In that situation she meets Sunny. Sunny likes Priya’s nature and acts and shows her what life is in the 24 hours she spends with him. Before both of them get close, a villain gang takes away Priya. Who are those villains? Could Sunny save Priya are the crux of the story.

Story is not new but it’s suitable for movie. We have seen many movies like this before. But director and hero Adavi Shesh has failed in adapting such a line to screen. It appears that two hours is a long affair to watch such a small story. Right from the moment Priya comes out of home to getting acquainted with Sunny, all these scenes have to run fastly. But director has taken about one and half hour for these scenes itself. He showed every scene like a TV serial director. This might suit TV audience but not for movie audience who are accustomed to jet speed.

The only plus point of the movie is American backdrop. When we get bored we might at least get relaxed by watching locales. Make up is a big let down in the movie. With a kerchief in neck and checks shirt Adavi Shesh sports 70s costumes. Heroines gandma character also sports dreaded make up. Adding to that her over action will cause irritation.

The moment villain gang takes away heroine, movie has to end. But in Kiss we see interval bang then. Hero brings back heroine in the next scene itself. At least then movie has to end. But with the sole rule of a movie should run for two hours, the director has dragged movie for two hours.

Adavi Shesh appears fine in real life but appears like a villain on screen. Seems he is still in Panjaa hangover. He tried to appear as energetic hero at times and decent guy at some other times. He failed in both ways. But he has succeeded in picturising visually pleasing scenes. But failed in script department. Editing and music have been haphazard. Priya is nice. All other actors are Americans. Not one face will get registered.

With Kiss title, movie unit gained publicity. Even if that was shown audience would have been satisfied for paying ticket. Director didn’t even show that? What a kiss boss?