Love You Bangaram Review


Love-You-Bangaram-ReviewMovie : Live You bangaram

Love You Bangaram Cast: Rahul, Sravya, Govi, Vallabh, Mahith Narayan

Review : Love You Bangaram

There is some meaning, if a movie is shown in obscene and raunchy, with a college story or with a teenage stir. This type of a concept can be accepted because; now the generation is like that. What one can say, if Romance between wife and husband is shown in a very vulgar manner? There is already an impression on Maruthi that he will make raw raunchy films. “Eerojullo” and “Bus Stop” are best examples for this. Maruthi always takes care to have obscene content in the films that he produces. A new Director, Govi took megaphone with yesterday’s Romance and today’s Love You Bangaram. Even as new Director, he just followed the path Maruthi and released it on the audience. Let us see how much romance is present in Love You Bangaram.

Akash (Rahul) suffers from inferiority complex. He frustrates even for small instances. Even though, he works as an Assistant Manager, he could not even buy a two wheeler. Anyway, that is a different story. Meenakshi (Shravya) is a girl with lot of confidence. Both love each other and they marry against the will of their parents.

They come from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad to settle down. For sometime, they will have good married life. She wants to do a job, as she gets bored at home. Even though Akash gives his nod, he will have some suspicion in his mind. To the surprise, the office will have people of different characters. In the mean time, Madan (Rajiv), the tenth class lover of Meenakshi enters the story. Akash notices a change in Meenakshi after she joins the job. His suspicion is added day by day….that something is going on behind. Basically, what is the reason for change in Meenakshi’s attitude?? Are they only a suspicion or really Meenakshi is on the wrong track. The next story is basically about these issues.

To speak in a word, it is a story of a married couple. He made this story in a very romantic way. But there is a little twist in the movie. That is a Psycho character, which enters at the climax of the movie. After watching the movie, one can observe that Govi first wrote a story for a Psycho character, and seems that he added a love story to that. The movie does not enter the Main Line till the pre-climax of the film. Once the Psycho enters, then we cannot watch his ferocious character. However, the episode before the wedding is a sheer waste. Even the love affair is not at all a different one, but it is as old as a black and white movie. Looking at amiability of the boy, the girl loves him and the boy falls in love with the girl at her beauty – that way the story goes on.

There are many small as well as sub-stories in the movie. It seems that the Director has a lot of anger, revenge, vengeance, etc., with the Software employees. All that he showed in this movie. He showed that Software engineers as watching blue films and drinking beers in the office, with a packet of condoms as the pen in the pocket. There is no limit to the double meaning dialogues.

A boy says that he is specialist in opening the seal…… looking at a girl !
It doesn’t matter, whether it is thin or fat, but it should work says the girl !
How to cook, if you need me in bedroom till nine.. Asks a housewife..!
These are only a few to explain, but the movie is full of such double meaning dialogues.

Overall, Maruthi showed all his talent. He thought to bring the audience to the theaters by just trusting raunchy aspects. As Maruthi could not direct the film without a double meaning, now he decayed to such state that he can not invest in the films, without the double meanings. When there is no anxiety about the movie and nothing of interesting, about the next scenes, then such type of movie is mere waste. This film also comes into the list of such movies.


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