Manushulatho Jagratha Telugu Movie Review, Rating


Manushulatho Jagratha – Story

Four Friends Ramaraju – Nataraju – Kamaraju and Dorababu are youngster in Simhachalam. Ramaraju works for Pen TV networks owned by AVS. Who always prefers COST than TELECAST-ing the truth. In the meanwhile due to Brahma’s (Naresh) software error Chitragupta (Krishna Bhagwan) kills Ramaraju who is entitled full life till 2040. Ramaraju goes to Yamlokam and realizes the mistake of Yama (Rajendra Prasad). Yama offers him to return his soul to original body but Ramaraju denies him asks him to reason to stay alive in that corrupt society.

Due to Brahma software problem Yama failed to show the goodness in the world. Later, Brahma comes to rescue Yama and provides him with updated version of the software that’s how Ramaraju sees Neetu (Sonia) and returns back to his body to start loving her. Will Neetu love him back? How Ramaraju face society problems forms the rest of the storyline.

Manushulatho Jagratha – Star Performance

All the four leads in the film are terrible than the junior artists in the industry. They maintain single reaction throughout the movie. Suman Shetty failed provide some comic relief. Heroine Sonia is awful. Performances by senior artists Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Krishna Bhagwan and AVS go waste in the drain. Director Govind Varaha’s bad characterization is the major problem behind this direful performances from the lead cast.

Manushulatho Jagratha – Techinical Analysis

Within a few minutes of the start of the film you would realize that the director does not have any remits and he has just framed this story with some crude elements which will not appeal to any section of the audience. Points like:


• In a matter of 30 minutes after the post in a Facebook profile page, hero credited with 30.15 lakhs in his bank.

• Brahma says he can’t control the population and given all rights to softwares.

• Yama fails to showcase a single good human being in the world.

• Hero returning to EARTH to love the Heroine from HELL.

• Ramaraju warning Yama that he will die without Yama’s conscience.

• A girl seduces couple of boys and leave a note saying don’t believe everyone Mansulatho Jagratha.

• Unwanted Spoof on Chiru & Pawan made to make Yama laugh n say Manasulatho Jagratha.

These are just few examples film does not take off at any point because of a poor screenplay and the story which could have been narrated in just couple of minutes is stretched long for 139 minutes. A boring film indeed with tacky dialogues, lame narration and inconsequent sequences. Director Govind Varaha just show cased how not to make a movie in Tollywood.

Even after “n” number of adult scenes and meaning less adult lines how did the movie pass on with clean U/A certificate is a really surprising element. Pranav came up with pathetic tunes in Manashulatho Jagratha. Music is bad and picturization is worse. Editing of the film is very bad. Not even a single dialogue is worth remembering. Camera work is average. Production Values are okay.

Manushulatho Jagratha – Analysis

What is wrong with Manashulatho Jagratha? Keeping track of many weak points in the film is not difficult. Practically everything in the film draws attention because of a sloppy presentation and a drilling narration. No actor or technician in the film has done his homework properly to contribute anything for the film. Even veteran artists like Rajendra Prasad, AVS and Naresh look so silly on screen. Kindly avoid this film at all costs.   – SOURCE : APH