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Cast: Venkatesh, Ram Pothineni, Anjali, Shazahn Padamsee, Jaya Prakash Reddy, M.S. Narayana, Deepak Kumar, Ali, Bramanandam
Director: K.Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer: Daggubati Suresh Babu, Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Movie Release Date : 14th November 2013

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Masala Movie Full Review:

Venkatesh, Ram have teamed for the first time for this multistarrer movie Masala which is the remake of Bol Bachchan that was a blockbuster hit in Bollywood. Anjali and Shazahn Padamsee are the female leads in the movie.


Rehman (Ram) lives in Hyderabad with his sister Sania (Anjali). They loose their ancestral property in a civil case. MS Narayana, a well wisher and family friend advices and convinces them to move to his place Bheemarajavaram where he assures Rehaman a job under his boss Balaram (venkatesh), who is a kind -hearted  man yet powerful. At certain point, Rehaman tends to lie that there is brother for him too. Rest deals with how he manages dual life by using tricks.


Ram’s performance was good. His character as Rehaman in a gay role is humorous.  Venkatesh looks usual in his powerful sturdy look. Jayaprakash Reddy and MS Narayana did their part well. Anjali looks too gloomy in her character. Shajan Padamsee did justice to her character.

Technical Departments:

The director has come up with a remake storyline and while the presentation was good, the narrative was engaging in parts. The dialogues were filled with nativity, the script was interesting but the screenplay could have been tight. Background score was not that good and songs were just okay.

Cinematography was superb. Editing was required in few places. Costumes were rustic and trendy while the art department was colorful. Venkatesh was the life and soul for the film, he was excellent. Ram underplayed his role and could not take advantage. Anjali was not used to her potential. Shahzahn Padamsee was not impressive. Jayaprakash Reddy was hilarious. Ali was superb. M S Narayana was moderate. Posani did his bit as required. Others didn’t have much to do.

Plus Points:

Venkatesh and Ram performance
Good Gags

Minus Points:

No proper plot
Poor VFX


Ram & Anjali are siblings.Ram(Rahman is the screen name) joins under Venky(Balaram) for some work.Venky is a land lord.Ali is the son of M.S.Narayana. Ali and Ram are friends.Basically, Ram is a Muslim.But he will be protrayed as a hindu.The story runs in a complete comic oriented way from there.Posani Murali Krishna is the Bava of Venky.He wants to marry Venky’s sister(Shazahn Padamsee).

Somewhere,in the middle of the story,a situation comes such that,Ram and Ali were supposed to create a mother character and a brother character to Ram.Kovai Sarala a club dancer will be approached to play that mother role.

One day Ram goes to a Masjid.VENKY and his assistant(Jayaprakash) sees him.To cover it, Ram says he has a brother.It makes him to play a dual role.The brother character is a gay role.Eventually,Ram falls in love with Venky’s sister(Shazahn Padamsee).How will the truth get revealed to Venky? How will Venky react to that situation is the rest of the story.

Final Word:

Overall,an okay film.Nice enjoyable movie.As comedy plays a major role especially for Telugu audience,this film will get pass marks.It will run with good openings and may continue to certain extent until another big movie comes for competition. Masala is a worth watchin for all the comedy lovers.


Masala Movie Live Updates First Day First Show…

Updated at 11:21 AM

Movie is inching towards a climax….

Updated at 11:13 AM

Sentimental scenes between Venkatesh and Anjali…

Updated at 10:57 AM

Venu Madhav has come in as an engineer

Updated at 10:48 AM

Confusion comedy drama is playing out…. Venkatesh and Jayaprakash Reddy are entertaining viewers with their comedy…time for the song ‘Meenakshi Meenakshi’

Updated at 10:33 AM

Ram and Shazahn are now in love… time for the song ‘Dhummule dhummule’

Updated at 10:21 AM

Interval… first half has some comedy and entertainment… the second half is crucial for the film now.

Updated at 10:15 AM

Ram enters the film with his second characterisation, as a gay man…

Updated at 10:02 AM

Time for the second song of the film “Ninu Choodani’, shot on Venkatesh and Anjali…

Updated at 09:58 AM

Kovai Sarala has come in as Ram’s mother..

Updated at 09:40 AM

Shazahn Padamsee has been introduced as Venkatesh’s sister… pace and entertainment levels are good so far…Venky and Ram are bashing up Posani’s goons

Updated at 09:30 AM

Rahman has changed his name as Ram to enter Venky’s house…

Updated at 09:22 AM

Ram’s name is Rahman… Ali has been introduced as M.S.Narayana’s son…

Updated at 09:17 AM

Venkatesh is Balaram… Jayaprakash Reddy, Posani, M.S.Narayana and others have come in… Venkatesh is entertaining viewers with his funny English

Updated at 09:14 AM

Venkatesh entered with Kotlallo okkade raa korameesaala bobbili raja song.

Updated at 09:11 AM

The movie has just started. . Anjali entered as Sania and Ram has been introduced as her brother.

Venkatesh, Ram’s Masala film has wrapped up the censor formalities and the film has acquired clean U certification from the regional censor Board. The film is now gearing up for a grand scale release on November 14.

Masala, the official remake of Bol Bachchan is touted to be a fun-filled comedy entertainer. Anjali and Shazahn Padamsee are playing the leading ladies in the movie. Vijay Bhaskar directed the film and Sravanthi Ravi Kishore produced it on Sravanthi Movies banner. Thaman is the music director.

Let‘s wait to see if Masala can set the cash registers ringing at the Box-Office.

Masala Preview

Masala is coming to us a remake of bollywood’s Bol Bachchan Bol. It is a critical time in Tollywood & Bollywood. No producer or director is daring to experiment with new story lines. They are taking stories with a view to just grab the audience to the cinema halls, make them laugh and leave. Only these calculations are on their minds. Bol Bachchan Bol has also come with these intentions. Infact, there is nothing new in the story. We have earlier many times experienced. But a sensible layer of entertainment has been added. Despite critics remarks, audience have made it a huge success. It turned out to be a 100 Crore movie.

* Taking this inspiration Masala has been taken up in Telugu. Venkatesh is trying his luck this Thursday, 14 Nov 13. Let us try and find out the theme of this cuisine.

* Continuing the trend of Dual Heros as in Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Ram & Venkatesh are trying to be energetic pair and stand out to be pillars of the story.

* Venky will reach upto the expectations, but audience is curious of Ram’s role. Because he is enacting the role of Abhishek in Bol Bachchan Bol. Its a tricky character. How is going to make up to the mark is the question.

* Coming to Story, it has already been accepted by the audience. Everything will depend on the transformation of the film into Telugu. Success or failure will depend completely on this. Remakes are always safe. That too being an entertainer, this time the formula is expected to click, as per industry talk.

* Anjali is acting as partner of Venky and sister of Ram. Anjali’s next picture after SVSC is Masala. Shajan Padamsee is another heroine. She is paired with Ram.
D Suresh Babu & Sravanthi Ravi kishore are non-compromising and planned producers. Despite a slight delay in release, this movie is expected to recover good credits as per industry talk.

* Film unit is confident that roles of Ali, Jayprakash Reddy are going to be highlighted along with Venky & Ram.

* Ram is a synonymous to dances. It is said that he excelled in dance moves. He invented a new step called ‘Locking and Popping’ in Meenakshi Meenakshi song. We will need to wait and watch.

* Promotion of this movie also had taken a different route. A comedy skit by VIVA fame has been created and got good response from movie lovers as well as youth circles.

* Thaman has composed music. Two songs are hit. Remaining songs must be seen in theatre to assess them. Andrew has shown his skills with his camera.

* If this movie succeeds, Tollywood can see entry of more Multi-starer movies. Everything depends on the result of Masala.

Keep watching for updates and Review of Masala.