Nuvvala Nenila Movie Review


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Cast: Varun Sandesh,Poorna and others
Directed by : Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Produced by : Induri Rajasekhar Reddy
Banner :Amogh Creations
Music : Sai Karthik
Release Date : Aug 08 2014

Themed as a romantic entertainer, Nuvvala Nenila hit the theaters today and here is a detailed review for all our viewers. Check out Nuvvala Nenila Movie Review right here.

Story :

Nuvvala Nenila is a journey to two people who meet as colleagues and then build a relationship in that course. Krish (Varun Sandesh) is an NRI businessman who comes to India in order to buy a company which was earlier sold by his father due to losses. Mahalakshmi (a) Mahi (Poorna) works in Krish’s company as a project manager. The duo start off as normal colleagues and this chemistry builds into a friendship bond. On the backdrop, Mahi’s first love dumps her for materialistic reasons and Krish trys to help Mahi upgrade herself both in professional and personal life. However Krish eventually falls in love with Mahi and that is when Mahi’s first love comes back apologising. What happens next ? Will Mahi give her first love another chance ? Or will she choose Krish as her soulmate ? What kind of problems do they undergo ? What is the connection between Mahi and Krish’s family ? all these questions will be answered with the flow of Nuvvala Nenila.

Analysis :

Nuvvala Nenila has a good yet regular story line with failed execution. Being a romantic entertainer, there seems to be not much of life and freshness in the film. There are scenes that will instantly test the patience of audience. Romance as a theme is very safe to handle but some fail to even prosper in it and Nuvvala Nenila is one among those movies.

Performances :

Although people say that Varun Sandesh was given a James Bond look, audience would apparantly feel that he was like a robot. It is high time Varun starts choosing scripts that will fetch him acclaim and fame.

Poorna was the major turn off for the film. Poorna’s effort to look bubbly fell flat on the face and was totally exaggerated and irritating. In addition to this, Poorna looked older than Varun.

Rest of the characters didn’t have any great importance in the movie. Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj and Raghu tried adding a dose of comedy but that wasn’t so effective.

Technical Analysis :

Direction :

Trinadha Rao Nakkina is three films old and it is sad to see his failure in creating fresh scripts. Love is not identified or acknowledged due to insecurity. If that fact is accepted, then the entire concept of Nuvvala Nenila is uninteresting. We wish creativity doesn’t become extinct in some years !!!

Cinematography :

Cinematography was the only appreciable part of Nuvvala Nenila. The cameraman has definitely done a flawless job.

Music :

Music was average and there isn’t a special song to remember. Background scores were on an average scale too.

Plus Points :

1. Cinematography

Minus Points :

1. Lethargic and boring first half which contains no major story.
2. Varun’s robotic look and Poorna’s unwanted exaggeration
3. Gripless Story

Final verdict :

Nuvvala Nenila failed in making a feel good movie, but audience can definitely try the film once.