Prema Oka Maikam Review


charmi-prema-oka-maikam-reviewTitle : Prema Oka Maikam (2013)
Star Cast : Charmi, Rahul…
Director : Chandu
Producer : Venkata Suresh , Srikanth Surya
Genre : Romance
Music : Vivek Sagar
Release Date : Aug 30, 2013.

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Movie: Prema Oka Maikam
Starring: Charmi,Saranya,Rahul
Director: Chandu
Producer: Venkata Suresh and Srikanth Surya
Banner: Touring Talkies
Music: MGK Praveen,S.R.Posam

Charmi is back with yet another woman-centric film Prema Oka Maikam and this time she plays a challenging role as Mallika, a call girl. Rahul the lead actor plays writer role as Lalith while Saranya essays a singer role Swathi. Touted to be a triangular love story, Prema Oka Maikam revolves around these three characters. Checkout Prema Oka Maikam telugu movie review for actors performances.

Chandu who is the director of the film says that the film is packed with commercial elements and would entertain movie lovers. Venkat Suresh and K Surya Srikanth jointly produced Prema Oka Mailkam. Cinematography is by Praveen Bangari, dialogues are by Pulagam Chinna Narayana. Kulasekhar and Shash are the film’s lyric writers. The makers inform Prema Oka Maikam climax as one of the highlights and Charmi has pinned high hopes on the film.

Prema Oka Maikam Review:

What is Prema Oka Maikam about?
Mallika (Charmee) is a call girl who takes the responsibility of a budding lyricsist, Lalith (Rahul) who loses his eye sight in an accident. Then the story turns to how Lalith helps Swathi (Sharanya), a struggling playback signer to become successful and later falls in love with her. And there is another love story of Lalith’s friends. Rest of the story is about how these love stories become successful and what is the role of Mallika in the success.

How they performed?
Prema Oka Maikam is one kind of movie which started failing right from casting, We do not know why and how Charmee accepted this film? Her character is totally unestablished and she disappears all of sudden after the first half an hour. Rahul (Happy Days fame Tyson) came up with a decent performance but he looked to young to be a lyricist. 10th class fame Sharanya did well in the role of a singer. Rao Ramesh appeared and disappeared in a jiffy. Except 2-3 side characters, rest of the characters are not so important.

Technical Performances:
I wonder if this movie is really directed by Chandu who earlier directed movies like 10th class and Notebook. There is nothing in the movie that went well. The casting itself is a wrong. Story telling has no point. There is no correlation between the different tracks in the movie. It appeared as if few scenes are shot and are woven together and released with a name. MGK Praveen, S.R.Posam’s music album is par below average and the back ground score is a total let down. Camera work by Praveen K Bangari is not up. And the editor V. Nagireddy is missing except for on the title credits.

Final Say:
The movie started well and went off track after its first half an hour and for the rest of the film, characters do come and go pointlessly and the story becomes extremely prdictble with pale interval bang and climax. In short, films like Prema Oka Maikam are class apart with distinction of every department going on. Do not dare to try it!


Prema Oka Maikam Movie Live Updates:

 Updated at 01:36 PM

 Climax!! Review will follow folks…

 Updated at 01:27 PM

 Aaaahhh yes!! Finally, charmme has come back into the movie.. Some emotional scenes are playing out..

 Updated at 01:20 PM

 Story is revolving around side characters and scenes are extremely predictable…

 Updated at 01:01 PM

 Romantic track between side characters… Aimless story-telling.. Don’t know how this film will end

 Updated at 12:48 PM

 Charmme is missing from the film.. After the first 30 – 40 mins, she is nowhere to be seen..

 Updated at 12:35 PM

 The story is now focused on Saranya(10th class fame) and her success as a playback singer

 Updated at 12:17 PM

 Interval. The story has moved off in a totally different direction after the first 40 mins or so.. Let us see how the second half will be

 Updated at 12:03 PM

 Thagubothu Ramesh has come in..story is moving ahead at a very slow pace…

 Updated at 11:49 AM

 Time for the song ‘Swacchamaina Prema’.. Shot on Charmme and Rahul.. Rahul (Happy Days Tyson) is the writer

 Updated at 11:43 AM

 Director Ravi Babu has come in as Mallika’s client…

Updated at 11:34 AM

 An accident brings a budding writer into Charmme’s life.. Charmme is Mallika

 Updated at 11:22 AM

 Rao Ramesh has come into the film…

 Updated at 11:15 AM

 Time for the song ‘Baby Baby’, shot on Charrme… A rip off of Khalid’s famous ‘Didi Didi’..

 Updated at 11:12 AM

 Charmme has just been introduced as a high class prostitute…

 Updated at 11:08 AM

 Hello Folks.. We are bringing you live updates from Charmme’s ‘Prema Oka Maikam’.. The titles are now on and the song ‘Prema Oka Maikam’ is playing in the background