Waiting For You Movie Review


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Title : Waiting For You ( 2013 )

Direction by  –  Sunil Kumar Reddy

Produced by : Ravindra Babu

Star cast : Gyatri , Anil , L.B.Sriram

Rating : 1.5/5

Public talk before release :

Waiting for you movie is releasing today August 30th , this film stands one more small budget movie from the makers of Oka Romantic crime katha. Movie is expected to have a susupense in major parts of film and less characters will play this film says film unit. From their previous film success comes out a boosting flick Waiting for you.

What about plot of this film ?

Directed planned to show something different from his making involving faction backdrop to his love concept story. Story completely revolves around two factionists who tries to kill in all chances they meet . In a plan of killing one of faction leader a big bomb blast is planned in a hotel. Everything goes fine and faction leader goes into coma in that bomb blast. Here enters lead roles in a Ambulance. Both lead roles will fall in love after this ambulance scene. But in a twist one of the lead role will keep a condition for hero Anil who dis agrees for it and she leaves away him and go. What happened to factionists ? What happened to their love story ? Watch it on screen.Dont get confused after reading this above story because same thing you will experience after watching this flick.

Who all Performed well ?

Except L.B.Sri ram no one impressed us on screen , L.B. Sri ram character and his dialogues will impress fans a lot . Shafi too impressed a bit and lead roles in film are just Ok and nothing much to discuss about the characters.

Why should i Watch it ?

L.B.Sri Ram character


Few scenes

Why should i Skip it ?




Most part of film is dragged

Failed to connect properly

Finally what i want to say is …

After watching Oka romantic crime katha youth who expected same for Wating For You are surely miss fired. Complete storyline is done bad with no maturity in direction and entire plot of film is confusing. Skip it for this week end.

Pulse Punch line :

Waiting for You will Wait for Audience..