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Romance Telugu Movie Full Review First On Net

1:15 pm: Finally Romance ends, full review will follow shortly.

1:00 pm: OMG didn’t  expected such a horrific teenage film from a talented team that made youthful entertaining films like Ee Rojullo, Preama Katha Chitram.

12:45 pm: Dreadful scenes coming one after the other ,one example is hostel girl train Dimple how to seduce a boy.

12:30 pm: Hostel scenes are canned horribly, Prince applying his PERFECT GIRL theory but girls are testing him beyond his expectations.

12:25 pm: Scenes @ girl’s hostel are not looking convincing even for a minute, second half is dragging.

12:20 pm: To convince and get back Dimple, Prince goes to girl’s hostel and to make things spiced up girls kidnap Prince.

12:15 pm: No glimpse of entertainment even post interval.

12:10 pm: Things goes up and down when Princes comes to know his first love Lalitha is villain’s sister.

12:05 pm: Basketball ground scene where discussion about mentality of girls and boys is canned very closely in Maruthi style, which says facts in a clear short cut straight points.

12:00 pm: Even though Dimple disliked Prince Opinion about girls but she wants to change his thinking about girls. Here film takes a turn and Dimple & team of girls plans to change Prince.

11: 55 am: Post interval starts with the flash back mode of Dimple, let’s see how it will be.

11: 45 am: With this big jalak from Dimple to Prince, interval card drops. Till now film is slow, quite strange and weird, noting great.

11: 40 am: As a surprise Dimple passes out PERFECT GIRL theory of Prince but she rejects him knowing about his bald theory on girls and knowing about his first love.

11: 37 am: Man Dimple got perfect curves to seduce any male in the world.

11: 35 am: Whistles in the hall for romantic song ” Anu Anu ” filmed on Prince and Dimple.

11: 30 am: As expected Prince started implementing the PERFECT GIRL theory on Anu and theses scenes are looking funny.

11: 25 am: What is this dumbness act director ji, how could Dimple a 2nd year student gets job through campus placement, very wired.

11: 20 am: Romantic scenes between Prince and Manasa are looking childish.

11: 15 am: Here comes charming Dimple and makes entry as Anu. Prince accidently meets Anu and director gives light to another love story to start.
11: 10 am: Manasa gets impressed by Princes and accepts his proposal but twist in the tail she fails in theory of PERFECT GIRL, so princes leaves her.
11: 05 am: Prince plans to flirt with Manasa and here starts the love track in the movie.

11: 00 am: Bluetooth Babu [Sai ] gives steps to know about a perfect girl which are facts today and every boy will accept this, this scene is filmed fine

Step 1 – If a girl says her age correctly, then everything she says is perfect

Step 2 – To find out girl is perfect, then find out whether she has a boyfriend.

Step 3 – Find out she had a bad experiences in wrong things

Step 4 – Try to propose her and take some lonely time with her. If she slaps she is perfect.

10: 55 am: Darling swamy showed his creativity again with Lalitha [Mansa] uttering dialogue “Round up chesi roses evvakundi ra confusion lo andariki okay chepestha”.

10: 50 am: Hypnotist Shruthi hypnotizing lecture and making him answer the question paper looks impressive.

10: 45 am: Beautiful chicks, young boys, colorful collage , full on interesting atmosphere.

10: 40 am: Villain gets impressed by Prince short film and calls him to give direction chance for a movie. Here Prince starts revealing his love story in an impressive manner.

10: 37 am: “Romance cheyadaniki ammayi, Pranam theyadaniki gun unte prapancham gelicheyochu “ dialogue kick starts the films.

10: 35 am: Finally movie started rolling on with the CBFC certificate of ‘A’ rating and its run time is 143 minutes.
It’s really wired to see this kind of delay for Maruthi films, let’s hope movie get screened @ at-least 10.30am.
Hi Telugu Movie Lovers & readers, Good Morning, Romance movie delayed one hour so live updates will start from 10:30am.