B A Pass Movie Review


BA-PASSMoive:B.A. Pass
Starring: Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal
Producer : Ajay Bahl
Director : Ajay Bahl
Music Director : Alokananda Dasgupta
Release date: 02 Aug 2013
Rating : 3.5/5

Shilpa Shukla, who earned critical acclaim with ‘Chak De India’ is back with the latest erotica in B.A Pass. The movie emphasizes on a rather bold subject but with a touch of decency. Starring theater actor Shadab Kamal in a lead role, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Story :

The movie is set in the backdrops of Delhi, where Mukesh (Shadab) lives with his aunt after the death of his parents. He takes tutions to earn his living and pursues his B.A degree.

One day Mukesh happens to meet Sarika aunty (Shilpa Shukla) and starts getting closer to her. As time passes by Sarika aunty seduces him and gets into a physical relation with Shukla. This immature step drags Shukla into deep trouble as Sarika aunty eventually drags him into the world of prostitution.

Does Shukla’s delicate step prove a right way to earn money and where does the step take him eventually? The answer to these questions forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points :

The movie is based on Mohan Sikka’s short story, The Railway aunty. Debutante director, Ajay Bahl’s B.A. Pass is more than just another erotic story. It is more of a realistic and undaunted tale that exposes the truth behind the lives of the week and vulnerable in the big city like Delhi.

The subject used in the film is extremely hard-hitting and has never been used in any Indian film before. The movie is very emotional and realistic rather than being erotic.

Shilpa Shukla plays a bold housewife with extreme bluntness. Her performance is assertive and brave. Special mention goes to the theatre actor Shadab Kamal who is a real talent. He is a treat to watch and is apt in every single expression. Dibyendu Bhattacharya has done a splendid job in his part. Even the smallest of characters are given utmost importance in the film.

There are a few erotic movies that are plain vulgar, while some showcase erotica in a most genuine way. B A Pass raises the bar and portrays love-making scenes like never before on Indian screen. The bold scenes actually become a vital part of the plot and help in taking the film to an altogether different level.

Negative Points :

The movie is clearly not the one that you can enjoy with the whole family. The content is too bold to be liked by the normal commercial movie lovers. The scenes are not well-divided amongst the whole plot.

While the first half of the film shows just about erotica, the second part talks about the protagonist’s pain and agony. The movie gets too depressing sometimes and is induced with too many twists which are confusing. Even the climax is extremely disturbing and might not be liked by all.

Technical Points :

There are no songs in the movie, which act perfectly for the film’s flow. Cinematography by director Ajay Bahl is perfect. All technical aspects including sharp editing, an extremely well written screenplay and direction act as a plus for the film. Background score is hard hitting.

Verdict :

On the whole, B A Pass is a harsh and well-executed tale of love, seduction and treachery. Stunning romance and unexpected twists and turns make this film surely worth a watch.