Rowdy Movie Review


mohan-babu-rowdy-reviewMovie : Rowdy (2014)
Star Cast : Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu, Shanvi, Jayasudha
Director : Ram Gopal Varma
Producer : R.Vijay Kumar
Music : Sai Karthik
Releasing on : April 4, 2014.

Preview : Rowdy (2014)

Varma has a unique style of filming. He might be the only director whose movies are most awaited not considering for the hero on the screen but hero behind the screen.

Why does people excite about a RGV film? It is not about the hero but it is about what sensation it creates. People wait for the taking techniques and the making. Hence, his movie does not depend on his track record.

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RGV targets Manchu family this time. He will show a Rowdy (Gangster) from Rayalaseema. Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Jayasudha, Shanvi are playing the lead roles in the film. The movie is set to release tomorrow. Let’s look at the preview of it

This movie is all about a combo pack of Mohan Babu, Ram Gopal Varama and Vishnu. This movie plays on a Rayalaseema backdrop. The story is about a man who stood for the people turns into a rowdy. What made him to be a Rowdy? What are the political and social causes for his transformation into Rowdy?

Generally Varma stories are not new but the taking is unique every time. The teaser always unveils a new taking.

Few said that it’s like a remake of Bollywood Sarkar but RGV condemns it. RGV says that it may resemble in some instances but both are different movies.

The movie has a longest action scene with duration of 11 minutes, first ever in a Telugu film. RGV fans are eagerly waiting to watch the scene and know how he handled it.

Mohan Babu is seen with his bald head and no wig used. Vishnu says that his father dialogues in the movie remember him about the past olden days of Pedaraayudu.

Vishnu plays a different role in the movie. He says that he will never smile on the screen. Vishnu seems very serious in the movie. Shanvi played the female lead role in the movie. She added glamour to the screen.

Two songs sung by Sai Karthik already went viral and are hits. RR is another block buster says the team.

The hit pair Jayasudha and Mohan Babu is seen together again, Varma gives a senti touch with the hit pair re-introduction.


Rowdy Movie Full Review :


Rowdy Movie Story:
Anna [Mohan Babu] is god-father of this region and he stands against the building of Gangavaram project. Anna gets attacked and his younger son Krishna [ Manchu Vishnu] saves him from couple of attacks. Lakshmi [ Jayasudha] dies in one of the attacks made on Anna. Krishna finds out who is behind all attacks on Anna and kills everyone who is responsible for his mother death.

About the director:

Ramgopal Varma is directing this film. He has a good image in the history of Indian cinemas, his movies looks very stylish and realistic they are close to attract all type of audience, This is a crime action entertainer and the movie revolves around the faction back drop. Ramgopal Varma is called as an action director in T-Town.

Rowdy is the Telugu version of RGV’s Sarkar with few minor changes in it.
1. There is nothing special in the direction of Rama Gopal Varma and it look very ordinary. A lot is expected to his stature of experiences and good talented actors he had in hand. RGV disappoints his fans and regular audience for sure.
2. Music by Sai Karthik sounded fine to an extent. His background score sounded very loud.
3. Cinematography by Satish Muthyala looked neat.
4. Editing is left out at many scenes in Rowdy film.
5. Production values looked alright though.

1. Yes its true this is by far best performance by Mohan Babu in the recent past but not compared to his old films. His previous directors have shown in much powerful role than RGV did in Rowdy.
2. Manchu Vishnu is more of a side-hero with couple of fights and a song. On acting part he gets countable scenes and did justice to them.
3. Shanvi Srivastav is used as glam doll for one song. Only expression you can see on her face is getting afraid when a fight scene is canned before her. To her role she is ok ok.
4. Jayasudha role was better than rest of the ladies in this film. Her screen presences is still solid strong and she made her presence felt for sure.
5. Tanikella Bharani gave some fun with his role of Vedam

Positive Expectations?

Ram Gopal Varma’s Confidence On Film
Combination of Vishnu And Mohan Babu
Trailer Raised Expectations
Mohan Babu Original Look Without Makeup
Shanvi Glamour
RGV Brand Powerful Dialogues

Negative Impressions?

Routine Kind Of Story
Seems Like Rakta Charitra Brand
Very Distance From Family Audience
Too Much Viloance