Super Model Movie Review


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Cast: Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel, Jackie Shroff, Harsh Chhaya, Sana Oberoi, Vishakha Gupta, Archana Vadnerkar, Adi Irani
Director: Navin Batra
Producer: Ravi Ahlawat
Music Director: Dj Sheizwood

The dark world of showbiz has elements of struggle, competition, and politics in it. We have witnessed the insight of this sparkling world in Madhur Bhandarakar’s Fashion and Heroine.

Director Navin Batra too takes an interest in this world of glamour and glitz but here he makes it more fictional by inducing murder and suspense.

The story kicks off with a liquor tycoon (Harsh Chhaya) who wants to launch and endorse a new brand of wine and is in search of a beautiful model. He ropes in a photographer (Asmit Patel) and assigns him the job.

Ashmit organises a bikini calendar shoot contest for it in Fiji island where Veena Malik along with other four models compete to win the title.

Things take an ugly shape when all models are mysteriously murdered one by one and fingers are pointed towards Veena Malik. But is she really a murderer that is how the story deals further.

Every girl has a secret desire to make it big in the glamorous world of showbiz, this is what Jackie Shroff narrates in the beginning of the whole drama. We make our mind that main protagonist here will be the model participating in the show and will crossover all the bloody limits to win over it.

But while witnessing this tiresome event we assure you that you would cross any limit to take an exit from the theatres.

Super Model from is neither a near to perfect suspense drama nor a portrayal of fashion show. The screenplay is so restless that you tend to yawn at every scene.

Except the bikini photoshoot of the models, which delivers a gentle breeze there is nothing you would love to admire.

Apart from that, Veena Malik and Asmit Patel, who get a perfect platform after Bigg Boss, share some intimate scenes in the flick.

The other characters here are caricatures whose screen appearances seem like a montage.

Performance wise Veena Malik takes the lead. In sleazy photo shoot, the actress excels while is acting department she is good. Asmit Patel performs impassive acting goes boredom.

Ignore this one.