Tenali Raman Movie Review


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Cast : Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit
Director : Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Music : D. Imman
Production : AGS Entertainment
Rating: 2.5/5

Loved by many, Vadivelu is undoubtedly one of the greatest comedians that Tamil cinema has ever seen. Following a long hiatus, the veteran returns to the silver screen with Tenali Raman, which is a the fictitious take on the mythological character of the same name. Directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, Tenali Raman has Meenakshi Dixit as the female lead alongside a strong supporting cast. Music is by the happening composer, D.Imman.

The fate of the kingdom is at bay, as the king’s (Vadivelu) ministers hatch a plan to earn themselves big bucks from their Chinese counterparts. The honest minister gets his throat slit. Enter Tenali Raman (Vadivelu, again) to fill his spot. He, who is sent by his clan to kill the king, slowly learns that the ministers are the cause of trouble in the state. What happens there-after to both the Vadivelus? Does Tenali Raman take the wrath of the dishonest ministers, while breaking the truth to the king? Find out at a screen near you.

This is Vadivelu’s much celebrated comeback. In every scene, the comedian oozes with confidence, hitting the zenith with his vintage style. Instead of playing the scapegoat like most of his earlier movies, Vadivelu plays the role of a witty minister here as the scenes are carved with a lot of brainy comic elements. Both the roles are differently etched, and Vadivelu easily maintains the space between them. Meenakshi Dixit as Vadivelu’s love interest is fine, while looking good too. The rest of the cast fit the bill, out of which Mansoor Ali Khan’s role does stand out.

Talking about the technical aspects, Tenali Raman possesses some skilful cinematography, with some highly impressive artwork. Well aided by the graphic team, the premise in which the movie is shot is bright and colorful, as the art director must be appreciated for bringing in the royal feel to the film. Editing passes muster, as a few unwanted scenes could have been taken off to close in on a crisper product.

Musically, this is a rather bitter effort from D.Imman as none of the songs work in favor of the movie. The BGM is just about adequate.

Yuvaraj Dhayalan, surely has great talent. To churn out a movie which is hyped as a comeback film along with a humongous supporting cast is not an easy task, and one can easily count this one as a talk able effort. Hats off to the dialogues, as they fit like a T to the script. Yet, the movie dips at the crucial places where it should have scored, leading to a cap on the excitement quotient throughout. Tenali Raman is worth a watch if you want to get a glimpse of the vintage Vadivelu onscreen. Else, you better wait for the DvD.