Traffic (Telugu) Movie Review


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Casting:  Sachin, Sarath Kumar, Cheran, Prakash Raj, Jayaprakash, Prasanna, Malika, Radhika, Lakshmy Menon, Parvathy and others
Producer: Raadhika Sarathkumar,Listin Stephen
Director: Shaheed Kader
Music: Mejo Joseph


Karthik (Sachin) meets with a fatal accident when he was hurrying along with his friend Ajmal to interview top hero shining star Gautam Krishna (Prakash Raj) on his first assignment. While he was in critical condition his parents receive a call from Gautam Krishna to transplant his heart to his ailing daughter and save his life.

After much trauma, Karthik’s parents agree for the same and now the task of delivering the heart of Kartik who was battling in Global Hospital,Hyderabad to Gautam Krishna’s daughter in a private hospital in Kodada is bestowed on commissioner of police Sundarapandian (Sarath Kumar).

Sarath Kumar who reluctantly takes the job after the prodding from global hospital MD (Vijaychander), searches for able person and he finds only Satyamurthy (Cheran), constable who rejoins duty after getting suspended on corruption charges, willing to take up the task. He is joined by Dr.Robbin (Prasanna) and now the question is will they be successful in saving the life with in 3 hours? To find out more enjoy Traffic on silver screen.


Prakash Raj attracts all with his performance as a egoistic superstar while Radhika complimented him well in countering as a helpless mother and wife. Cheran suited in the role of a depressed cop.

Sarath Kumar showed his expressions as a responsible cop, while Prasanna did well in his role. Others played their roles accordingly.

Plus Points:

Tamil hero Suriya has a brief but vital guest role in this movie and elevates the movie with his presence. Sarath Kumar has given a superb performance as the police commissioner in the film. He is ably supported by Cheran, who has portrayed the role of the good hearted Sathya Moorthy.

Prakash Raj and Radhik are good in their respective roles. A number of Tamil actors have played important roles in the movie and they have all done well .

The graph of the movie never dips once the road journey starts. A nice sub plot involving Prasanna and his wife has been woven into the story.

The interval bang is quite nice and it leaves the viewers in a state of suspense. A nice and tidy length of 2 hours is a big plus for the movie.

Minus Points :

The story of the movie is a little unrealistic. Police officials say that the usage of a helicopter is ruled out due to poor weather. But everything looks nice and sunny.

The car stops and the occupants get into a scuffle. Is that permitted when you need to cover 180 kms in 90 minutes?

Presence of too many Tamil actors and lack of commercial elements might work against the movie in B and C centers. Climax is a little soft.


Director Shaheed Khader showed his creativity in preparing the story and script. He made viewers interested without including any songs. However the first half became too slow, as he took pains in introducing their characters and also their importance in the context of the story. However one cannot fault him since any hurrying in introducing so many characters may create confusion. But slow narration turn viewers restless for sure.

Right before the interval and the second half picks pace with twists and turns. Once again the climax dragged with Surya making special appearance. Overall with little bit patience, people can enjoy the film.

Verdict :

Traffic is a good suspense drama that will keep you engaged for two hours. Nice performances and very fast narration are big bonus points. However, Tamil nativity and lack of commercial elements might hamper the movie in B and C centers.