All Eyes On Natural Star’s Big OTT Release


The on-going pandemic has left us all in a crisis. The demand for content on TV, OTTs has surged double the need and all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar are desperately adding content to help their audience.

Even after these many efforts, demand for content is not ending and that’s where the OTTs are running back of producers.

In Bollywood, almost all the small films have been released on Amazon Prime recently. The sudden lockdown has left the producers of the film just with one option and that is- sell it to OTT!

Recently the OTT platforms are just upping the game in Tollywood. It is said that Amazon Prime offered good money for the film ‘V’. The OTT platform even negotiated a deal with the producer for Rs 32 Crores finally. Dil Raju is a star producer and an ace distributor in Nizam before turning producer. He even distributes selected big films in Nizam and owns theaters here. Earlier he didn’t want to disturb the business model by tempting to OTT deals that offer quick money but as the crisis seems to never end for an year he decided to release the film V on Amazon Prime said sources.

As this ace producer himself looked at OTT route, all eyes were on this film ‘V’ and its star Nani. The Industry on the whole is in big hopes for the content judging skills of Nani and thus aim at a blockbuster on OTT and increase views and revenue for the platform Amazon Prime. On the other side, few other filmmakers who are ready with finished projects are also said to follow the makers of ‘V’ and there are at least 3 good films in the OTT release plans! Let’s wait and see how Amazon Prime plans to hold the market down south!