Don’t Marry Become Great Tells This Maverick Director


Tollywood Mass Director Puri Jagannadh is very much known for his out and out mass commercial blockbusters. He made headlines with his dashing podcasts on Spotify titled Pur Musings and discusses several issues.

In an episode titled ‘Marriage’ he has urged all his fans in a motivational tone to not get married if at all if you have high ambitions in life. The maverick director has cited the examples of Buddha and Jesus Christ. He even have a punch line saying married people fall at the feet of unmarried Baba and seek blessings. If you feel like nothing and have no ambitions but to chitchat and watch serials with your wife and kids just send me your wedding card will come and bless you he ended.

Puri is busy filming ‘Fighter’ with happening star Vijay Deverakonda has yet again amassed followers for his podcast and is the only director to have such a great fan following for his words!