‘Crrush’ First Peep: Ravi Babu Comes Up With An Adult Comedy With No Limits!


Actor-director Ravi Babu who is known for his different films like ‘Allari’, ‘Anasuya’, ‘Amaravati’ and many others is going through a rough patch right now. None of the movies he directed in the past couple of years impressed the audience. Regardless of the result, he is making films in quick succession. Now, he comes up with an adult comedy title ‘Crrush’. The audience were given a ‘peep’ into the film and this is how it is.

The story is about three youngsters who opened up themselves to the world of love, lust, infatuation and intimacy. The film is a no holds barred adult comedy with loads of bold scenes and tons of double meaning dialogues. The concept of a father trying to teach his son about G-spot, a young guy making love to elder women and other things can be witnessed in this ‘first peep’. Take a look at it when you are alone.

Written, directed and produced by Ravi Babu, the film has Abhay Simha, Krishna Burugula, Charan Sai, Ankita Manoj, Parree, Pande and Sri Sudha Reddy playing the lead roles. Vaidhhy is composing music while Satyanand gave the screenplay. Cinematography is done by N Sudhakar Reddy while Marthand K Venkatesh edited ‘Crrush’.