Forbidden Love – Anamika Trailer Talk


Thanks to the lack of censor in OTT platforms, filmmakers are getting a chance to explore some untouched and sensitive topics these days. Veteran director Priyadarshan has come up with a film titled ‘Anamika’ which will be streamed on ZEE5.

Pooja Kumar who was rumored to be in a relationship with Kamal Hassan currently played the title role in this film. The trailer was released recently and it explains the story clearly. The film will be showing the love between a married woman and a young guy. It explores the topics of adultery, emotional turmoil of that woman, societal pressure and many other aspects. The trailer is filled with emotional sequences and some intimate scenes. The trailer is short and straight to the point. It may attract the youth and a section of the audience who likes mature urban cinema.

We need to wait and see how the audience receives this film made by Priyadarshan. Pooja Kumar, on the other hand, is known to the Telugu audience for her work in films like ‘Vishwaroopam’, ‘PSV Garudavega’ and others.