Angry Birds Heikki to be launched on June 18


Rovio Mobile, the developer of Angry Birds will be launching the a new version of the game. Angry Birds Heikki will be launched on June 18, 2012. It is teased at the landing page. There are no other details other than the date (18.6).

The image that appears on the landing page gives us a clue that this new version of the game is to support and honor Heikki Kovalainen, the Finnish Formula One Driver. This will have the Formula One as a theme.

This is not the first variation of the original game. It is to be noted that Rovio launched the Angry Birds Space on March 22nd. This Space themed version was released for all the platforms like Android, ICS and PC simultaneously. Previously, the game has seen several other variations like Angry Birds Seasons and Rio.

The new version that will be launch in the coming month, Heikki will be limited only to the web browsers. As of now, there are no details about the platforms that will receive the game. In this game, the birds will have to hunt the pigs and rescue the helmet of Heikki Kovalainen from them.

Last month, we have reported that the game will hit the TV. A weekly cartoon series of the game will be stated in 2012 and a movie will be released by 2015. It worth mentioning that Angry Birds is the most downloaded app of 2011. We can expect more versions and innovations from the developer.