Facebook Videos Now Auto-Play On Mobile


facebookWashington: Facebook has reportedly rolled out the auto-play video feature on its mobile site that lets plays videos automatically with no sound at first.

The feature was tested in September but has been now rolled out to most iOS and Android devices.

Earlier the videos used to be locked behind a play button and took time for getting loaded, however, the new feature makes the task earlier as the videos load by themselves and do not disrupt either as the sound is by default turned off, Tech Crunch reports.

Videos once tapped, expand to full screen and the audio starts, but content uploaded to third-party sites retain the old click-to-play format.

For those who do not want the videos to load automatically, for unnecessarily being charged for the data, can change the settings that play videos only when the device is connected to WiFi and not on cellular data.

The report said that after auto-play videos from musicians and bands, ads would follow, for which, it was rumoured that the social networking giant could charge as much as 1 million dollars to 2.4 million dollars to distribute a 15-second video ad for a day.