Google Earth accidentally captures live murder in Richmond


google-earthCalifornia : Google Earth reportedly ended up capturing a real life crime scene with images of a dead body lying near Sandford Avenue in Richmond, California while recording satellite images for its Maps feature.

The Google images shows the body lying next to railroad tracks, with one showing a policeman standing near to it, while another shows a number of unidentified people attending the crime scene.

According to, it is unconfirmed what happened to the body, but local news service has described the tracks as ‘troubled’ and a hotspot for hardcore crimes.

Rated the 9th most dangerous city in the US in 2007, the area is known as the ‘Iron Triangle’ and six people have been murdered in the railroad’s vicinity between February and October 2009.

The report said that another image captured by Google appeared like a murder scene, showing a bloodied trail leading to a body lying on jetty in the Netherlands, was actually a simple game of fetch between an owner and his dog, while the trail was simple a path of water left over by the dog.