Google launches KitKat software: 5 Amazing features


Google-Kitkat-softwareNew Delhi: Google has launched its much anticipated software ‘Kitkat’ along with its global launch of the Nexus 5 phone.

Nicknamed after the chocolate bar Kitkat, the Operating System is designed to work well on both high-end smartphones and cheaper feature phones.

Let’s have a look at five amazing features of the newly launched software.

1. KitKat improves the smartphone user interface with richer and more immersive graphics while tapping into Google data centers for features such as anticipating what smartphone users wants to see before being asked.

2. A KitKat-powered smartphone can recognize when you are near a movie theatre and automatically pop up film times.

3. KitKat also takes into account what most people do at a certain spot to predict what a smartphone user might want.

4. If an incoming telephone call is from a business, information from its website will be displayed as the handset rings.

5. The phone’s contact list allows users to find phone numbers of their personal acquaintances as well as of local businesses, such as restaurants and dry cleaners.