Internet Rights: Pension Scheme For Producers


my-youtube-channel-logoWhen it comes to film rights, they are of different types such as satellite, dvd, internet. Satellite rights are meant for TV channels. DVD rights don’t really work for small movies but are applicable for big ticket flicks. The third is internet which is online rights. Now, the third one is coming into focus these days.

Many big banners such as Annapurna, Suresh productions, Geetha Arts have set up their own youtube channel and putting up movies produced by them. And then there are few producers who are buying movies from other parties and putting them in Youtube channels and making money.

Apparently, few film producers who made one or two flops are selling their films at throwaway prices because that would fetch them something. But big banners are not doing that. Going forward, that is the only property which will remain and they are aware of that. So, those producers who are planning for higher number of movies are putting their own youtube channel and uploading them accordingly. That way, they get maximum revenue and it becomes like a pension scheme for them.