iPhone 5 Video leak


The upcoming iPhone that is expected to be launched in September is circulating in many rumors. We have been hearing since a long time about the larger display on the smartphone. It was expected to have a 4 inch display.

Last week, we reported the leaked panel images that indicated the presence of a larger display. As per these, the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch long screen. The width of the screen will be same as in the previous versions, iPhone 4 and 4S of the smartphone.

A recent video indicates the presence of a larger display in the next iPhone. The leaked front panel of the iPhone 5 has been compared with the iPhone 4S in the video taken by Apple centric Japanese blog, Makotakara.

The panel is taller and is having a 4 inch screen approximately as claimed by the rumors and blueprints. However, the screen is not wider which is good news for those who like the iPhone for convenient one handed operation.

The video shows the comparison of the iPhone 4S and the leaked front panel of the iPhone 5. This confirms that the Apple’s next smartphone sports a display that is approximately 3.9 to 4 inches as rumored.