Kobian iXA Tab full specifications


Kobian is out with a user friendly tablet with a comfortable price tag. Company fans are thrilled with this budget friendly tablet with advanced features. Youngsters who are looking forward to purchase this tablet have to be patient till May 23. Other interesting news for them is that the tablet is powered by Android. As of now it is powered by Android Gingerbread. But we can expect an ICS update soon in this tablet.

Kobian iXA Tab is impressive with its wide display screen. It has a resistive touch screen. It is out with a front camera as well. Both these features support users to enjoy video calls. This tablet has pretty comfortable internal storage along with good options for external storage. Fast processing is assisted by good capacity RAM as well. Internet connectivity is powered by Wi-Fi connectivity. With this feature, users can access internet files at a good pace.

Kobian iXA Tab is expected to deliver a good entertainment experience with music, games and e-books. The tablet is out with good multimedia features also. This tablet looks fairly slim in appearance as well. This adds to the notable stylish get up of this tiny low budget tablet.

Optional accessories including case with keyboard will be made available as well. The overall specifications are not much different while considering other low budget tablets like UbiSlate, BSNL‘s Penta tablets or else Aakash. The ultimate success of this tablet will depend on the real world performance. Company officials mentioned that this tablet is meant especially for students and also youngsters. They also added that Kobian iXA Tab will be a limited edition gadget.

Kobian iXA Tab can be purchased at a cheap price of around Rs.4000/-. This will be good news for normal consumers who were looking forward to experience some technology rich gadgets. With this low cost, Kobian iXA Tab is sure to be a stiff competitor to Aakash tablets. Kobian admirers are happy as the company came out with such an interesting gadget with comfortable price tag. They can expect such low cost gadgets which are rich with technology in the near future as well.