Lenovo refreshes ThinkPad with Ivy Bridge Processor


Lenovo is in news now as they refresh its ThinkPad lines with Ivy Bridge Processor. Company made multiple refresh at the same time with its T, W, L and X lines. Lenovo is about to hit the laptop market with its refresh on ultraportable X series, budget “L” models, mainstream “T” line-up, and the W-series workstation.

Apart from the inclusion of advanced Ivy Bridge processors, users can experience Dolby audio and also optional 4G radios in some models. Company redesigned its famous keyboard in almost all models and also added a backlit option in some of them.

ThinkPad T Series models T430, T430s and T530 is the refresh of its predecessor models T420, T420s and T520 respectively. T430 is lighter than its previous model. It comes with a 720p camera as well. Some of the T series models incorporate 4G radios. T430s comes with a mini-Display Port and a resolution of 1600 x 900. It features a Thunderbolt also. Lenovo’s RapidCharge technology helps in charging 80% of the battery within half an hour. T430 and T430s will arrive in the market by this June at a starting price of around Rs.45,000/- and Rs.70,000/- respectively. There are not many details on the 15-inch T530 as of now.

ThinkPad X series 12.5-inch X230 and X230T are the refresh models of X220 and X220T laptops. These models feature Dolby Advanced Audio and mini-DisplayPort options. It also comes with face tracking technology and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Both these models will arrive in the laptop market by this June at a starting price of around Rs.60, 000/- and Rs.75,000/- respectively.

ThinkPad L series are bare-boned than other models and Lenovo has not disclosed much details about these models. The refresh models in this series include 14-inch L430 and also 15-inch L530. Both these models come up with 1366 x 768 displays also. These models offer a good battery life of about 9.5 hours.

The refresh models feature USB 3.0 and a mini-DisplayPort. Graphics supported by 2GB of video memory and also SmartCard option through 54mm ExpressCard slot are another features of these refresh models. ThinkPad L series will arrive in the laptop market by June at a starting price of around Rs.45,000/-.

ThinkPad W530 mobile workstation is the refresh model of W520. It comes with similar chassis and optional colour calibrator and can be placed on palm rest as it is 45% smaller than the previous model. It comes with Quaddro graphics, 1080p display, 32GB of RAM, and 1TB hard drive. This model also comes to market by next month at a starting price of around Rs.75,000/-.