Microsoft launches New Social Network


Microsoft has launched, a social network that was in the beta stage since December 2011. The site is now available for all. is pronounced “social” and is an experimental project. It is developed by FUSE Labs of Microsoft. is a combination of search and social networking. It helps people to find and share interesting web pages. It offers rich media sharing and facilitates video sharing through video parties.

Microsoft has mentioned that it expects students to continue using the other social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and search engines like Google, Bing and others. Microsoft hopes to encourage the students to imagine how the everyday learning and communication tools can be enhanced by simply learning, researching and sharing.

The searches in are public by default. The searches made in can be viewed by the other users of the social network. They will also be available to the third parties. The search experience of the network is powered by Bing.

Microsoft declared that this site is not meant to be a rival to the other social networking sites or search engines. It is meant to allow the students share their materials for the academic purposes.

You can become a member of by creating an account. You can also sign in with your existing Windows Live or Facebook accounts. It lets you discover new topics, connect with people, express yourself, learn, share and socialize.

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