New iPad hits stores in India


The new iPad hits stores in India on Friday, a month after it started selling the latest version of its popular tablet computer in 10 countries including the United States.

The iPad with 16 GB of memory that works only on wi-fi networks is priced at 30,500 rupees, while the one that can operate on both wi-fi as well as fourth-generation (4G) mobile networks costs 38,900 rupees.The iPad with 64 GB is priced at 50,900 rupees.

The new iPad is, however, not compatible with the 4G LTE network currently available in India and customers will have to make do with the 3G networks.

Bharti Airtel launched India’s first 4G network in Kolkata this month and is expanding the high-speed network to Bengaluru, Pune and Chandigarh in the coming months.

But the Indian networks are powered by a different radio spectrum band than the ones used by the 4G iPad, which is supported only on the networks of a handful of U.S. and Canadian carriers.

While the iPad is the clear market leader globally, and the new version with its faster chips, fourth-generation wireless and a sharper display is only expected to cement Apple’s lead, the company has hit some bumps in the road.

In March, the consumer watchdog in Australia took legal action to ensure the company makes consumers aware the new iPad cannot connect to 4G networks in Australia, prompting Apple to offer refunds to all affected buyers in Australia.

There were also complaints in Britain about misleading claims about access to 4G, which is not available in the country.