Nokia PureView 808 in India from June 13


Nokia PureView 808, the smartphone with a monstrous 41 MP camera will be launched in India on June 13, claim trusted sources. There is no confirmed information about the price of the handset. Still, we know that many of you are waiting for the official announcement regarding the launch of the handset.

There has been a lot of fanfare regarding the launch of the PureView handset. Seems like Nokia is publicizing the handset. Earlier, it was rumored that the smartphone will be available in India in May. But at all the stages, it price in India of the handset remains a secret.

Some reports stated that the PureView 808 will be available for a price of Rs 29,999. But Nokia denied it and claimed that this is not the actual price. The brand explained that when they have to provide price details before the launch they create a dummy price.

Then, there was a pre-order listing in an online retailer for a price of Rs 32,999. After this, Nokia Shop had the device for pre-order for Rs 29,999 for less than a day. The company removed it and said that this is not the accurate price of the handset.

Finally, in the beginning of this week, the brand had a countdown clock for the device. It also had a pre-order page without the price. But at the end of the countdown, nothing great happened. Nokia didn’t reveal anything about the launch.

Do you think June 13 is the exact launch date? What will be the price of PureView? Please tell us in the comments section below.